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Edge Factor: How to Find Inspirational Videos for Students Online


by Edge Factor | May 11, 2020 | 2 minute read
Edge Factor: How to Find Inspirational Videos for Students Online

Online learning can allow for a depth of learning. For example, if a student is driven enough and given the right starting point, they could read and follow links for hours, diving into a much deeper and richer connection to the learning material than even the fullest one-hour physical class could provide. The key is to find the right places online that you know will provide students with informative, educational content that you can trust. 

Online learning can also be tricky, especially if you’ve taught in a classroom for most of your career. Not only is online learning very different from classroom learning, but teachers are sometimes expected to change between the two effortlessly. One of the strengths of online learning is also its weakness: students have unlimited access to the internet. It’s particularly difficult for students who are enrolled in work placement or co-op programs. It’s tricky to make a class online when the whole purpose of the class in the first place was to take a student out of the classroom and put them in a real-world work placement. 


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Meghan West is a CEO and inspiring thought leader, and now your students have a chance to ask her questions as part of their role as Jr. Producer of Edge Factor Talk. “Professor” Paul Schmitt

“Professor” Paul Schmitt is a skateboard designer and builder who took his passion and turned it into a successful business. If you have any students who love skateboarding, they won’t want to miss this episode. 

Edge Factor has recently started a new web series where we interview inspiring thought leaders and everyday work heroes. Before each new episode we provide a free pre-assessment and lesson plan to go along with each episode. Instantly, you have a whole new online lesson planned for your students for free. 

As a bonus, your students can become Jr. Producers of the Edge Factor Talk show, getting the ability to ask questions of future guests, and guiding the conversations in an interesting way. It’s a great way to get students directly involved in their learning. They’ll help create inspirational videos for themselves and others. 

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