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Edge Factor Launches New Smart Platform: Begin Your Career Journey

  Edge Factor Team   |     September 12, 2022 |   7 minute read
Edge Factor Launched New Smart Platform: Your Career Journey Begins Here

Edge Factor is proud to announce our new smart platform is now live and available for you to log in and discover new features!


Perfectly in time for the new school year, Edge Factor launched version 8.0 of our platform, a ground-up build that uses the latest in technology to deliver personalized experiences for every user. Our new smart platform will empower our team to further our mission to inspire learners of all ages to explore, prepare and connect on their career journey.


One of the rules we live by at Edge Factor is to LISTEN, LEARN, DO/REDO.  Embracing failure to find solutions is at the heart of our innovation. We constantly break new ground, analyze metrics, and adjust our sails to get results. This new smart platform is a result of listening to our customers and partners. With the new features and upgrades to the platform we meet  learners where they are at and move them forward on their career journey.


Edge Factor’s K-Gray strategy means our creative teams, e-learning coordinators, and storytellers are working together to build media and digital tools for every age group, from Kindergarten through to retirement. We are filming and publishing more content and building new features, faster than ever.

The new platform includes the fan favourites such Virtual Workplace Experiences, Career Profile videos, Edge Factor Show and many others. We are also releasing all new career media, such as Tunes of the Trade and new media created with community influencer and Industry Spokesperson, Drew Crowe.


For over a decade, Edge Factor has been working with communities across North America to inspire the next workforce. We work closely with educators, community and business leaders to connect students, parents, and job seekers with companies, schools, careers and training programs available in their community.


What’s New? When you log in to the Edge Factor platform today you will notice a simplified navigation bar on the left. 


Some of the new features included in our launch:

  • My Journey: Edge Factor creates thousands of multimedia tools and activities. Your Journey page helps you discover the content and features created specifically for you!


We are currently developing the Journey page to utilize a built-in recommendation system, to help you find features, media, and tools that you’ll love. It will showcase content that reflects your interests, goals, location and browsing history. We will continuously receive feedback, to re-train our algorithms and improve their accuracy, so it will keep getting smarter and smarter.


  • Library: The Edge Factor Library is where you can browse, explore and search for content! 


Every feature in our Library is age-appropriate and designed to help move people forward in their Career Journey. Each series is organized by the Career Journey: Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation, and Connection (IEPC).


Inspiration: Award winning documentaries, films, and short stories to inspire career exploration.

Exploration: Industry and career profiles, education pathways, and virtual tours of companies.

Preparation: Tools to prepare students and jobseekers to enter the workforce with STEAM and Soft Skills

Connection: Find local companies to learn more about who they are, what they do and the opportunities they offer


  • Directory: Explore our Directory to get connected with organizations and opportunities in your community and beyond.

  • Workspace: Workspace is your productivity zone where you can create and manage your Classes and assignments. Here is where you can:


    • View and manage your “Favorites” 
    • Manage and access your “Classroom”, Classes and assignments 
    • Update your organization information and manage users  


We will be adding more features to the platform and updating the Help Desk Articles. Stay tuned!


Edge Factor’s smart platform and story-driven tools are designed for schools, companies, and service providers to empower learners of all ages to discover careers and get connected to real-world opportunities. We partner with communities across North America, to unite efforts and take students and job-seekers on a journey from, “I have no idea what to do with my life!” all the way to, “I know myself, I know my options, and I’ve made informed decisions about my training and career pathway.”


Communities look to Edge Factor to provide regional solutions to national workforce development challenges. They choose Edge Factor because of our story-telling and data-driven approach. Our membership-based platform paired with local media creation and virtual + live events equip communities to accomplish their career and workforce development goals!


Access and Share Today!

How do we inspire students and reach parents? At Edge Factor, we believe it all begins with a good story! We travel the globe to film real people working in diverse industry sectors to create high-impact career exploration media.  Our e-learning resources provide educators and students with the tools they need to dig deeper and make meaningful connections.


Be on the lookout for more good news, updates, and new features as they go live. 


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