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Introduce Students to A Virtual Workplace Experience

  Edge Factor   |     May 08, 2020 |   3 minute read
Introduce Students to A Virtual Workplace Experience

Everyone loves a field trip. It’s a chance to get out of the classroom and into the real world. A field trip gives students a chance to see where all their theoretical classroom learning goes into real effect. Plus, field trips are fun

A virtual field trip has all the same entertaining education of a physical field trip, but without all the hassle of organizing the buses, keeping everyone together, gathering parent chaperone volunteers, and getting permission forms signed. Plus, there’s no better way to explore careers of the future than with future technology.


Explore Edge Factor’s New Series:  Virtual Workplace Experiences

Explore Edge Factor’s New Series: Virtual Workplace Experiences

Of course, it doesn’t look like there’ll be too many field trips for the next little while due to COVID-19. But, like many things during this time, technology and a little ingenuity has allowed us to take all sorts of events out of the physical world and move them into the digital one. Thankfully, field trips are no different. And, perhaps best of all, on a digital field trip you don’t have to worry about kids wandering off and getting lost or finding trouble. 

If you’re looking for some online learning to provide your students, or just want to change up the usual digital lesson plans, taking a tour of a virtual workplace is a great way to inspire students and get them thinking about their futures. And, by using digital methods to explore digital futures, you’ll be showing students the direct benefits of virtual learning and getting them comfortable with the tech that will guide their future careers.

Edge Factor proudly presents a new series of Virtual Workplace Experiences for students to explore diverse work environments. Edge Factor’s new series features workplaces from various industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, transportation and more. Go behind closed doors to empower students to discover what types of careers exist in these workplaces, the tools and technology they use, safety requirements, the STEAM and soft skills that come alive in these industries, and more.




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