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Highlighting Careers and STEM: Edge Factor Films at Haas Automation

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2016 |   1 minute read
Edge Factor films at Haas Automation

The Edge Factor crew filmed at Haas Automation’s headquarters in Oxnard, California to produce a virtual field trip of the 1 million square foot facility and 14 career profile videos to inspire students to pursue manufacturing careers.

The virtual field trip features the people and the technology that empower makers internationally with the machines they need to build the future and create new products. This video will be played in front of thousands of students, as Edge Factor partners with schools and the HTEC network across North America, as part of their mission to equip educators with resources that make STEM learning relevant to students, captivate audiences, highlight CTE, and change perceptions of manufacturing.

For their RapidFire video series, Edge Factor filmed 14 career profile videos of Haas team members working within diverse Career Clusters. Every Career and Technical Education (CTE) program leads to a career pathway that is categorized in 1 of 16 groups called Career Clusters, that are organized by skills and/or products. From Human Resources to Quality Control, the Director of Motorsports Marketing to the Gene Haas Foundation Administrator and many more, these career profile videos will provide students and parents with insights on careers connected to the manufacturing industry. RapidFire episodes also include information on how STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are used in each of these careers.

“Machinists are awesome… But the manufacturing industry offers so many diverse careers that go beyond machining. What does it take to run a massive corporation like Haas Automation? It requires teams of people working in every one of the 16 Career Clusters,” said Larissa Hofman, Dir. of Communications at Edge Factor.

Filming these RapidFire career profile videos at Haas, along with the virtual Field Trip will help open the eyes of students and parents as they imagine new opportunities to launch careers in manufacturing. This content will be available on, through eduFACTOR memberships. For more information, please visit


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