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Amazing Activities During School Closures for Students

  Edge Factor   |     April 09, 2020 |   2 minute read
Amazing Activities During School Closures for Students

With long-lasting school closures, and the entire school system thrown into unfamiliar waters by COVID-19, educators are doing their best to maintain business as usual (as much as possible). But with students having so much free time on their hands, it’s likely they’ve already finished much of what they’ve been assigned. 


The students have done the worksheets, finished the assignments, and watched the online lectures. Finding enough meaningful STEAM activities during school closures, as you know, can be tricky. On the one hand, enough useful information and educational resources exist on the internet to keep one occupied for ages. On the other hand, there are countless distractions online and plenty of poorly researched, yet sometimes enticing, misinformation. The key is knowing the right place to be and where you can get the resources you need when you need them. 


If you’re a parent or educator looking for something to keep your students from climbing the walls, or from becoming overly dependent on social media, it might be helpful to remember that “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” In other words, combining educational activities with engaging content is an excellent way of maintaining learning during self-isolation. 


Edge Factor Provides Educational Activities During School Closures


Edge Factor Provides Educational Activities During School ClosuresEdge Factor has always provided online educational content for students, so delivering digital learning is something of a speciality for them. The content is curriculum approved, and designed to be fun and engaging. Think of Edge Factor like Netflix but with all of the “edutainment” content designed with educational value in mind. 


Edge Factor’s content is designed to be bingeable, but also to impart information about career paths and the value of STEAM skills, teach soft skills in the workplace, and inspire interest in future possibilities. In a time of crisis, that last point can be especially important. educators can still impart inspiration from the safety of home. Discover resources to help student thrive during school closures


Edge Factor’s content reminds students of opportunities that will become available to them when the crisis ends, and gives them a focus for their self-isolation studies. 


Edge Factor’s Massive Library of Content Is Available Digitally Now


Check out the pricing page to see your options for instant, curriculum-approved career content that will help your student keep learning and stay inspired. 

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