Why Summer Camps are Important

  Edge Factor Team   |     August 13, 2021 |   4 minute read
Will you accept the STEAM Challenge in Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience?

If you attended camp as a child you likely have fond memories of the experience and friendships you gained there. If you have not had a summer camp experience then you may not really understand the benefits it has for children. This may leave you asking yourself if, or how summer camps provide valuable experiences for kids and teenagers.


While we listed some of the reasons why you should register your children for a Virtual Summer Experience in a past blog, we want to take it one step further and provide you with a list of the benefits of summer camp. Perhaps it may help you take advantage of opportunities during these last few weeks of summer, or you may keep it in mind when you plan for next summer!


8 Reasons Why Summer Camps  are Important for Children


  1. Discover Careers! The Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience <include link> allows students to discover career profiles. This will help students make better, more informed decisions about the classes they want to take in high school.

  2. Boosts confidence! Camps set children up for success by creating an environment that allows for activities that are fun and engaging. This boosts their self-esteem as they participate and learn to express themselves in creative ways.

  3. Overcome fears! As children take on new challenges and step outside of their comfort zone they are also taking a step toward future success.  They learn to be resilient when they face challenges and setbacks.

  4. See how STEAM comes alive in the real world! The Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience includes STEAM challenges that are linked to a career, helping students to make connections with what they are learning and how it is relevant to the real world. This will inspire students to be more engaged in their STEAM classes, keeping their attention and interest which will lead to academic success.
    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)
  5. Physical Exercise!  Some children will be quite content to spend their summer days playing video games or binge watching YouTube videos. Unless it’s a game where they get up and move they are likely getting minimal physical activity. Children have a lot of energy and camps keep them active. In Edge Factor Summer Camps, students can enter to win the 5 Days of STEAM Challenges with hands-on activities.

  6. Learn life-long skills! Camps provide children with opportunities to enhance their athletic skills, expand on their artistic talent and develop a sense of adventure. In turn, preparing them to be life-long learners as they discover what they like to do, what comes easy and what requires more effort. Included in our Summer Camps are all-new soft skills episodes from our Potholes series, that teach students how to embrace life skills.


  7. Develop independence! Children learn who they are as they are given the freedom to to make choices in a safe environment independent from parents and teachers who may influence or guide their decision making. This provides them with a much needed sense of autonomy.   

  8. Learn transferable skills! What do soft skills and employability skills have to do with future success? The Edge Factor summer camp includes hard hitting, but comedic story driven videos that teach students how skills such as communication, dependability, teamwork and more will lead to success in their future workplace. 

It’s the middle of summer now, so in person day or overnight camp opportunities may have slipped away. With the various regulations surrounding COVID-19 protocols it may not have been an option this summer. While parents and camp counsellors look forward to future summer camps, Edge Factor is providing students and families with an online Summer Camp Experience so you can get the most out of the last few weeks of summer and teach students about extraordinary careers, STEAM, and soft skills!


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