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Why Summer Camps are Important

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 10, 2024 |   9 minute read
Edge Factor's Summer Camp Toolkit includes media, interactive activities,  4 digital badges and prizes.

Summer camps have long been a cornerstone of childhood development, offering unique opportunities for learning, growth, and adventure. This summer, Edge Factor’s Learn & Earn campaign is taking the traditional camp experience to the next level by introducing four innovative digital badges that blend creativity, technology, and real-world skills. These badges not only provide campers with hands-on experiences but also offer them a chance to win a GoPro Hero 11, making the summer both educational and exciting.

8 Reasons Why Summer Camps Are Important for Children


  1. Discover Careers! The Edge Factor Summer Camp Toolkit allows students to discover career profiles. This will help students make better, more informed decisions about the classes they want to take in high school.

  2. Boosts confidence! Camps set children up for success by creating an environment that allows for activities that are fun and engaging. This boosts their self-esteem as they participate and learn to express themselves in creative ways.

  3. Overcome fears! As children take on new challenges and step outside of their comfort zone they are also taking a step toward future success.  They learn to be resilient when they face challenges and setbacks.

  4. See how STEAM comes alive in the real world! The Edge Factor's Learn & Earn Summer Camp Toolkit includes STEAM challenges that are linked to a career, helping students to make connections with what they are learning and how it is relevant to the real world. This will inspire students to be more engaged in their STEAM classes, keeping their attention and interest which will lead to academic success.

  5. Physical Exercise!  Some children will be quite content to spend their summer days playing video games or binge watching YouTube videos. Unless it’s a game where they get up and move they are likely getting minimal physical activity. Children have a lot of energy and camps keep them active. In the Tech Savvy Storyteller Campaign campers are challenged to create a video reel as they build, create or make something, encouraging activity and creativity all in one.

  6. Learn life-long skills! Camps provide children with opportunities to enhance their athletic skills, expand on their artistic talent and develop a sense of adventure. In turn, preparing them to be life-long learners as they discover what they like to do, what comes easy and what requires more effort. In the Pacific Voyager Campaign campers will discover the transferable life skills they'll need to develop to succeed in any career

  7. Develop independence! Children learn who they are as they are given the freedom to to make choices in a safe environment independent from parents and teachers who may influence or guide their decision making. This provides them with a much needed sense of autonomy.   

  8. Learn transferable skills! What do soft skills and employability skills have to do with future success? The Edge Factor Summer Camp Toolkit includes hard-hitting, entertaining, story driven videos that teach students how skills such as communication, dependability, teamwork and more will lead to success in their future workplace. 

Explore, Create, and Conquer: Earn Digital Badges with Edge Factor's Learn & Earn Summer Camp Toolkit

The Tech Savvy Storyteller badge invites campers to embark on a creative journey into the world of filmmaking. Participants will explore cutting-edge techniques and showcase their talents by producing their own video reels. This badge emphasizes the importance of storytelling in the digital age, encouraging campers to harness technology to share their unique perspectives and narratives. Meanwhile, the Trailblazer Tech badge focuses on the adrenaline-pumping world of extreme sports gear. By delving into the technology that powers professional riders on challenging trails, campers gain insights into engineering and design, fueling their curiosity and passion for innovation.

Embark on an epic journey across the Pacific and unlock the Pacific Voyager Badge by diving into the inspiring story of Mike and Linda Fitzpatrick, as they navigate the vast ocean and uncover invaluable life lessons.
Unlock the secrets behind the extreme gear that powers professional riders down the most challenging trails.
Embark on an exciting journey to become a Tech Savvy Storyteller by exploring cutting-edge filmmaking techniques and showcasing your creative talents with Edge Factor's Learn & Earn campaign.
Embark on the Terrain Tamer Campaign, turning ideas into reality and mastering the entrepreneurial journey!


Additionally, the Pacific Voyager Campaign takes campers on an epic adventure across the Pacific Ocean, inspired by the real-life journey of Mike and Linda Fitzpatrick. This badge is designed to teach invaluable life lessons through storytelling and interactive activities, fostering a spirit of exploration and resilience. Lastly, the Terrain Tamer badge offers an exhilarating dive into quad engineering, guided by the thrilling journey of Alex Kollitz. Campers will learn to design and conquer rugged landscapes, enhancing their problem-solving skills and technical knowledge. By completing these activities and earning their badges, campers not only gain digital credentials but also enter a draw to win a GoPro Hero 10, making their summer camp experience truly unforgettable.


Choose your adventure, earn your badge, and be entered for your chance to win! 

Edge Factor's monthly Learn & Earn Campaign is a game-changer for learners and jobseekers alike. It's a chance to bring real-world experiences into the digital realm, inspiring students to learn and earn as they explore diverse career paths. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your campaign, earn your badge, and enter for a chance to win – the journey to discovering exciting opportunities begins now!



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