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Summer Camp: STEAM Challenges 

  Edge Factor Team   |     July 12, 2021 |   6 minute read
Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience includes 5 Days of STEAM challenges and prizes to be won.

What is STEAM and how does it fit in with the Edge Factor Summer Camp Experience? 


Edge Factor creates high impact media and modular learning objects that educators, community and workforce development leaders use all year to inspire the future workforce. Students and job-seekers explore various industries and learn about diverse education, training and career pathways available to them.  In the career exploration journey with Edge Factor, students and job-seekers are let all the way through to discovering how to prepare for the career that interests them, and connects them with opportunities in their community. 


The career exploration journey begins at an early age, that is why Edge Factor is creating  age appropriate learning objects for students in grade 5-8. The Summer Camp Experience is a toolkit we’ve created to equip parents with media and interactive activities for their children to discover this summer.  


The Summer Camp Experience empowers students to combine their knowledge with hands-on experience. All the while discovering how STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) are used everyday in the world around them and in future careers they may want to explore!


5 Days of STEAM Challenges 


Edge Factor Summer Camp STEAM Challenges


Christine Kostesky from Edge Factor, presents 4 of the keynote presentations, highlighting the STEAM challenge and career profiles being showcased that day in the toolkit. 


During the Science in Action presentation, Christine prepares the students for lift off, “Fasten your seatbelts and remain creative at all times!” She explains how an airplane needs 4 things to be able to fly, thrust, lift, drag and gravity. Students then have an opportunity to watch a Virtual Workplace Experience and tour Flying Colours to see how science comes alive in aerospace. 


In the Discover Technology presentation, Christine gets students thinking about what it takes to design a video game, or order something on-line. While hearing from Qualitel Corp about how they build custom printed circuit boards. “With all the technological advancements there is a high demand for people who are knowledgeable in coding, technology, programming and computing skills.” says Christine Kostesky. Students are challenged to use coding to create a binary code bracelet or necklace. 


On day 3, students Explore Engineering while building a model campground with toothpicks and marshmallows. Summer is a great time to build something, from bird houses, picture frames or planter boxes. Students will have the opportunity to discover all the things in their community, from playgrounds to storage sheds, that were constructed by teams that include engineers. While watching the related media with McCarthy Construction, students will also learn about the soft skills required for a career in engineering. 


Then it’s time to Get Creative with Art!  Did you know Edge Factor had a team of designers who designed the bus art and vehicle wrap? Jeremy Bout, Founder and Producer of Edge Factor presents the Edge Factor Tour bus. If he is ever riding the bus in your neighborhood, you won’t miss it!  Reimer Graphics took the designs and ensured a good quality print. It took careful planning and meticulous design work, but graphic designers and makers  used technology to make the design a reality. With the use of the Edge Factor logo, brand colors and other marketing images you get to know a bit about Edge Factor just from seeing our bus. The challenge for the students is to express themselves through art while designing their own summer mobile tour bus. 


By the time students have made it to Day 5 of the Summer Camp STEAM challenge it’s time for a treat. Christine demonstrates how making ice cream uses Math in Motion!  How is math used in the kitchen? Chefs and bakers use math to measure ingredients and ensure consistent results. Students will see this in action as they make homemade ice cream and watch a pastry chef at Deerhurst Lodge make delicious desserts. 


There you have it! 5 days of STEAM challenges that will keep students engaged, and excited to learn, while exploring careers and discovering something new. After completing each STEAM challenge they also have an opportunity to submit their completed activity for a chance to win an Amazon Gift card! 


As if that is not enough to keep them engaged, the summer camp toolkit also includes free cinematic films that showcase stories of individuals who have overcome extraordinary challenges, discovered hidden talents and launched successful careers.  They’ll meet Christian Hansen, the Wake Rider, who is featured in an episode of Launchpoint by Edge Factor. Christian is an extremely talented young man, who had a chance of becoming a pro wakeboarder. However,  after a torn ACL, surgery and months of physiotherapy that dream was shattered. It was soon replaced by a new dream. Christian is now living the dream as a Mechanical Engineer who is looking for new ways to push himself.     




In the Summer Camps toolkit, grades 5-8 students can hear from inspirational leaders in various industries, like Daniel Rodriguez, The Jazzy Artisan, who combined his love for music and manufacturing to create guitars. Don’t miss the film, Wave Maker, which features Jerrod Jenson. He discovered the art of grinding through his love of art and photography, or Sean Bellemeur,  in Speed Master  a Professional Race Car Driver, who learned how Mastercam Software is used to create parts of the race car he drives. With this knowledge he discovered a love for teaching others how to use CAD/CAM software in all kinds of industries, from aerospace, medical, military and beyond.  


Do something cool with your summer. Take advantage of the 5 Days of STEAM challenges, high impact media and a chance to win prizes  while being inspired to push back the edge of what is possible. 


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