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STEAM Activities During School Closures for Peace of Mind

  Edge Factor   |     April 23, 2020 |   2 minute read
STEAM Activities During School Closures for Peace of Mind

Everyone has felt the impact of COVID-19. Even if you work from home, your lives have been affected. School closures have kept the kids at home. The virus has spread rapidly and healthcare workers are still in the midst of battling it. It’s a world-changing event, and yet the economic struggles that follow the crisis may be even more long-lasting than the virus itself. 

If you were wondering - like many other parents of young students - how you were going to help your kids afford higher education before this crisis, the prospect of college could become even more financially tricky than before. 

Good news, though! There are many jobs in STEAM fields available, and many have entry-level positions available right after high school, either with no or very few college prerequisites. 

Not many parents want to deny their child access to developing their passions just because they don’t have the money. But with incredibly diverse STEAM fields you won’t have to face this choice. Given exposure to the right content, your child may find they actually have a deep passion and interest in a career they had just never been introduced to. 

A Fun Introduction to STEAM Activities During School Closures 

Edge Factor promotes STEAM careers in an engaging and exciting way. If the student in your life is at all interested in joining a STEAM career, this is the place to get them started. Check out the free videos on Edge Factor to explore a different career path that can lead a student to great success in enriching employment and, best of all, won’t leave them with a mountain of debt that follows them into middle age.

Gnarly Metal: The Minds Behind Mountain Biking

Gnarly Metal: The Minds Behind Mountain BikingSpeaking of mountains, if your child is into mountain biking - or, really, any extreme sport - they may not have thought that they could have a career making that sport possible. Gnarly Metal is an Edge Factor film that explores the process behind designing the perfect bike, and shows how bike manufacturers make all of the gnarliest jumps possible. 

Find More STEAM Activities from Edge Factor Online

For more stories like Gnarly Metal and to do other STEAM activities during school closures, all of which introduce your child to diverse career paths in an informative and engaging way, check out the Edge Factor pricing page. Help make your student’s self-isolation more productive and more fun. 


Visit the Edge Factor platform to discover more resources to thrive during school closures. 

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