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Tech Ed Is The Connection to Past and Future Skills

  Edge Factor   |     December 23, 2020 |   3 minute read
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In 2001: A Space Odyssey, an ancient primate sits beside the skeleton of an ox, picks up a hefty thigh bone, and cautiously hits the other bones, splintering them into pieces. The chimp imagines how the new tool could be used to hunt bigger and stronger game. The chimp gets so excited, they throw their the bone up into the sky, where it flips end over end and transforms into a spaceship: thousands of years of technology pass in the blink of an eye.As humanity starts to live with artificial intelligence, we ponder what makes us human. What keeps us human, and what ties us to our past? How do we prepare for a world that’s changing? How do we work in a way that is meaningful to us?

When you stand in front of a classroom of students, you might wonder if your lessons will be of use to kids who will one day remotely, on computers and phones, or whatever tool comes next. 

When you’re standing behind a booth at a job fair, you might wonder how many students will stop by your table instead of the smooth, Silicon Valley employer in the neighboring booth. 

What if you could look ahead into the future and know that what you’re teaching to students would be valuable? What if you could know the approach that would 100% bring young people to that job fair booth? 

In a way, you can look into the future and know what skills will be needed, by examining the jobs and pursuits that never change. 


Tech Ed Provides Skills That Are Eternal


When you enroll in technical education, you can learn a trade as old as civilization. The great thing about a technical education is you’re not just learning one particular skill. You’re learning about life. If you study the culinary arts, you may not end up working as a chef, but the lessons you learn while standing over broths and watching bread rise, aren’t all about cooking. You learn to work as a team. You learn to gain attention for detail, and develop problem-solving abilities. You also learn why people love good food in the first place: you learn what the results of your labor are for. 

These are skills that a robot can never take away.

To help young people learn life skills instead of just theory they need hands-on experiences. To share how a piece of bone could one day be more than it appears, and how life can pass in the blink of an eye, register for Edge Factor’s Future Skills Toolkit for 5 days of learning the skills of today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

The media-rich Experience includes 5 days of highly engaging STEAM-based programming to help students learn technical skills that never go out of style. Find content based on the Edge Factor pedagogy that Inspires students, prompts Exploration, develops Preparation, and builds Connection


What Are The Skills We Need Today That Will Still Be Needed Tomorrow?


Get your turnkey educational toolkit that inspires students to become problem solvers, builders, and thinkers. The 5-day educational experience provides resources to develop STEAM-based knowledge and soft skills that can help in any career at any time. 


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