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Future Careers: The Pioneers of the Clean Energy Sector

  Edge Factor   |     May 12, 2020 |   2 minute read
Future Careers: The Pioneers of the Clean Energy Sector

No one has a crystal ball, but some factors today will help us predict the world of tomorrow. One of those factors is creating change for our future: the clean energy sector.


As the world aims to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and bring more efficient and inexpensive energy to larger amounts of people, the need for technological advances and pioneering in the field of clean energy becomes stronger and stronger. 


Right now, most solar panels operate at about 40% efficiency. That might not sound great. Less than 50%? But when you consider that the first solar array, put together in the late 19th century, had only about 1% efficiency, it becomes clear that we’ve come a very long way. And, as interest in solar power grows, so does the race to make more efficient solar panels. 


Like the space race, or the battle between early computer companies, people all over the globe are racing to reach impressive new breakthroughs in clean energy. 


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Imagine charging an electric car fully in three minutes and being able to drive that car for a thousand miles without recharging. Whoever brings about these changes will not only advance the power of our energy, they’ll also be able to save our planet from harmful pollution.  


If you know a student who has a pioneering spirit and a thirst for discovery, and who wants to help change our planet and leave it for the better, introduce them to the clean energy sector. New industries are often full of challenges and excitement, as not all the rules have been written, and change is coming all the time. 


For a student who is ambitious and conscientious, a career in the clean energy sector could be just what they’re looking for. As a bonus, there are plenty of job opportunities available, and the industry is growing all the time. Explore what is means to be future proof and help students prepare future careers.  


Explore Future Careers in the Clean Energy Sector

Part of Edge Factor’s mission is to connect students to the jobs that inspire them and introduce them to exciting new worlds of possibilities. Even when schools are closed, Edge Factor can continue to connect students to the next giant leap in their life’s journey.   


Share This Video with Students Who Might Love the Clean Energy Sector

Check out this introduction to the clean energy sector.


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