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Reach Skilled Trade Students at Home with Online Learning Tools

  Edge Factor   |     May 20, 2020 |   2 minute read
Reach Skilled Trade Students at Home: Learn A Skilled Trade Online

Educators across Ontario are searching for new ways to teach during the COVID-19 school closures. Fitting curriculum into our new reality can be especially challenging for Skilled Trades teachers, SHSM and Technology instructors, and OYAP Coordinators as they are responsible for providing students with real-world on-the-job training opportunities. But in the current virtual learning environment made mandatory by COVID-19, educators require resources to help engage students at home, while continuing to teach about the careers and industries, technology, equipment and tools, job safety, and workplace experiences that adhere to Ontario curriculum expectations.


To meet this need, Edge Factor has aligned high impact videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities to the Ontario Technical Education Curriculum and the Ontario SHSM guidelines. Each industry sector has a vast library of tools and resources to assist educators in delivering an on-line program and when schools reopen educators can continue to use these resources to supplement hands-on learning. 


With resources like Edge Factor's Virtual Workplace Experiences and STEAM and Soft Skills Breakout videos, students are provided with experiential learning opportunities that are woven into each of the different industry sectors. Going behind closed doors to experience workplaces like a commercial construction site, a home renovation project, a strawberry farm, a trucking and distribution facility, and much more. They are able to get first-hand information from business owners and industry professionals, the people rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done, every day.  Learn about more resources to help you thrive during school closures. 


Discover Skilled Trades Resources with Edge Factor Online Learning Tools

Sign-up today and get access to Ontario Skilled Trades resources or check out our Free Weekly Virtual Workplace Experience to help Ontario teachers reach students online and at home. 


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