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Edge Factor new “Tunes of the Trade” Series for Early Learners

  Edge Factor Team   |     September 13, 2022 |   5 minute read
Edge Factor Launches new Tunes of Trade series for Early Learners

Incorporating music into the learning experience helps learners focus and retain information. Most of us can recall the various chants and hymns our elementary school educators used to help us remember things like the ABCs. Many of us still sing the alphabet song when trying to remember the position of a given letter. 


Songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" allow students to work on memory retention in the classroom, while unique raps or melodies provide a way to remember information learned in new, and exciting ways. Songs, with repetitive melodies and rhythms, help us memorize lists, stories, and even processes.

That’s what the new Edge Factor series, titled, Tunes of the Trade,  for Pre K - Grade 1 students is all about: learning with the art of music!


Edge Factor’s K-Gray strategy means our creative teams, e-learning coordinators, and storytellers are working together to build media and digital tools for every age group, from Kindergarten through to retirement. We are filming and publishing more content than ever - and faster than ever before.


In this all-new series, we’ve created a music video for the skilled trades characters featured in the Edge Factor library. This series uses the art of music to help early learners explore the skills, tools and equipment used by industry professionals to solve real-world problems.  The song identifies the character's career and provides a situation, story, or problem the skilled character can solve. 

In this series, comedic songwriters, singers, and animators come together to bring diverse characters, music genres, and careers to life! Each music video introduces audiences to a character, their career, and the tools they use. Audiences of all ages can appreciate the talent featured in this series and will surely join in and sing along to lyrics like, “If you need a ride and you need a stretcher, Victoria is on the way to come and get ya.”  as they meet Victoria Jones the Paramedic. Viewers will also meet James Devi the HVAC Man, Tori Brown the Horticulturist and Eric Chen the Carpenter.


Premium Edge Factor Members can download the accompanying activities and lesson plans for an engaging in class experience which will further aid the students in making connections between the song and real world careers.


Students will be able to: 

  • Define roles and responsibilities associated with a skilled trades career 
  • Identify the workplace environment where this skilled rock star may appear (i.e. A nurse can be found in the hospital)
  • Identify 3 tools commonly used by this industry professional 
  • List some soft skills required to be successful in this career




Access and Share Today! 

For over a decade, Edge Factor has been working with communities across North America to inspire the next workforce. We work closely with educators, community and business leaders to connect students, parents, and job seekers with companies, schools, careers and training programs available in their community.


How do we inspire students and reach parents? At Edge Factor, we believe it all begins with a good story! We travel the globe to film real people working in diverse industry sectors to create high-impact career exploration media.  Our e-learning resources provide educators and students with the tools they need to dig deeper and make meaningful connections.


Visit the Edge Factor smart platform to begin your customized career journey today! Stay tuned for more videos in the series in the coming months.


Tunes of the Trades combines comedic song lyrics with vibrant animations to introduce audiences to characters, careers and tools!


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