NCATC and Edge Factor Promote Advanced Manufacturing Careers

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2016 |   3 minute read

National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers announces Edge Factor as new Strategic Partner

May 24, 2016 – CLEVELAND, OH – The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers and educational media company Edge Factor are excited to announce a new strategic partnership to inspire the next generation of makers, make STEM relevant, reach parents and raise awareness of the incredible career opportunities in manufacturing. With over 170 colleges, universities, schools and corporations listed as Advanced Technology Centers (ATC), the NCATC focuses on promoting the use of technology to enhance economic and workforce development programs. Offering a wide range of training and certifications, such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, IT, nanotechnology and additive manufacturing, NCATC is looking to Edge Factor’s resources to help equip their ATC network with cinematic media and interactive activities to inspire the next generation of makers.

As a NCATC Strategic Partner, Edge Factor will be presenting at the NCATC Fall Conference in October 2016, with featured speaker Jeremy Bout, Producer/ Host of Edge Factor delivering a high impact keynote with a storytelling approach and cinematic visuals. “Edge Factor’s media productions shine the spotlight on individuals behind the scenes making significant advances in real-world, 21st century advanced manufacturing careers.  Jeremy’s keynote will be an absolute catalyst for our exciting new partnership with Edge Factor, FMA and many other NCATC Strategic Partners at Harper College, in Chicagoland this fall,” said Craig McAtee, NCATC Executive Director.

Edge Factor’s story-driven resources empower educators and business leaders with powerful resources to change perceptions of manufacturing, showcase career and technical education and make STEM learning concepts relevant for students and parents. With 30+ films and TV episodes, career, STEM and technology videos, virtual field trips, hands-on CNC and 3D printing projects, turnkey event resources and much more, Edge Factor’s “tools to inspire” are available online, through memberships on

As the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers and Edge Factor and look to the future, they anticipate Advanced Technology Centers network to tap into eduFACTOR resources to impact communities in the US and Canada. “NCATC has been a trailblazer for Advanced Technology Centers for nearly 30 years. Our missions are so connected as we work together to increase awareness of the amazing career pathways for the next generation of makers,” said Toni Neary, Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect. “We are excited to announce our strategic partnership and look forward to working closely with NCATC and their members to engage and inspire audiences.”


The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is an Affiliated Council of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) linking a network of higher education resources that advocates and promotes the  use of technology applications that enhance economic and workforce development programs and services. Beginning with twelve charter members in 1988, NCATC has over 170 member institutions, ranging from colleges, universities and schools to the corporate community, throughout the United States and Canada. To optimize the use of their resources, NCATC member institutions partner with major corporations for the delivery of training and certifications. Through these partnerships, NCATC member colleges offer a wide spectrum of training and certifications.

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