Inspiring Next Generation of Makers in Massachusetts

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2016 |   1 minute read
MassMEP and Edge Factor inspiring the next generation of makers.

Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MassMEP), a leading resource for manufacturing companies in Massachusetts, is partnering with production company Edge Factor, to provide 33 high schools that teach Machine Tool Technology with eduFACTOR’s story-driven media and supporting resources to inspire students, reach parents and engage audiences (available via

For the next 12 months, MassMEP is providing all educators at each of the 33 schools with an eduFACTOR membership to access these high impact resources. “We are seeing perceptions change across our state, as students and parents watch Edge Factor media and engage with eduFACTOR tools. This is the second year we are funding schools with eduFACTOR memberships and it’s amazing to see the impact it’s having on the next generation in Massachusetts,” said Leslie Parady, MassMEP’s Workforce Development Manager.

“The team at MassMEP is empowering educators who are struggling with tight budgets and limited resources. MassMEP isn’t just talking about filling the skills gap, they are doing something about it by providing tools that really change the awareness and perception of careers in manufacturing. We are excited about this partnership and cannot wait to see what the next year brings!” said Toni Neary, Edge Factor’s Partnership Architect.

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