2021 Partnership Announcement: NCATC & Edge Factor

  Larissa Hofman   |     December 10, 2020 |   2 minute read
2021 Partnership Announcement: NCATC and Edge Factor


Dec 3, 2020 - In 2021, the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC) is partnering with Edge Factor to equip organizations across North America with three Experience toolkits to inspire students and job-seekers to pursue career pathways. This strategic Workforce Development initiative will provide Advanced Technology Centers, schools, companies, and Workforce leaders with FREE access to high impact multimedia, a Keynote presentation, promotional tools, and practical guidebook on how to plan, promote, host and follow-up on engaging Experiences. These online Experiences empower students, parents, and job-seekers to explore Skilled Trades, Apprenticeships, Technical Education programs, careers, STEAM, and soft skills. 

Edge Factor, a widely-used e-learning platform has created thousands of videos, interactive activities, and lesson plans that focus on career exploration. K-12 and Postsecondary schools, companies, and organizations partner with Edge Factor to help tackle workforce development regionally and nationally. Wielding the power of storytelling, Edge Factor media showcases industries and career profiles, teaches soft skills, shows how STEAM comes alive on-the-job, provides Virtual Workplace Experiences, and promotes training and career opportunities.

Featuring select tools from the Edge Factor library, six free Experiences will be available during specific 2021 months, for organizations to share in classrooms, homes, and at events. Click here to learn more and pre-register:

“When “normal” is no longer considered normal, we look for ways to reshape initiatives, get creative, adapt, and engage with our communities,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor.  “By linking arms with the NCATC Team and Craig McAtee, we will equip ATCs and organizations across North America to engage families at home and students in classrooms - to inspire and build the future workforce.”

NCATC is an Affiliated Council of the American  Association of Community Colleges (AACC) catalyzing a network of higher education and industry-led  Strategic Partner resources that advocates, advises, and promotes the use of advanced technology  applications to enhance economic and workforce development programs and services. 

“After following the early works of Edge Factor over five years ago, NCATC invited their Founder & CEO, Jeremy Bout to be our keynote speaker for our 2016 annual Fall Conference hosted by Harper College (IL). From the moment we met, we knew we were of like mind, passion, and desire to work even closer for greater impact and reach for the greater good of our country’s education and workforce needs.  This new, deeply committed collaboration exemplifies our combined strengths, vision, and commitment to all of that and much more!” said Craig McAtee, CEO & Executive Director, NCATC.

The NCATC is specifically partnering with Edge Factor on the following three 2021 Experiences: 

  1. Future Skills (Jan - Feb 2021) - Promoting technical education programs with high impact videos and tools, in honor of CTE Month.
  2. Rock MFG DAY (Sept-Oct 2021) - Tools to promote careers and showcase how STEAM comes alive in the exciting world of advanced manufacturing.
  3. Apprenticeships (Nov-Dec 2021) - High impact resources for students and parents to discover the power of apprenticeship programs.

To pre-register for these free 2021 Experiences, visit

For more information on NCATC, please visit or email Craig McAtee at for more information on Edge Factor or to book a demo, please visit or email

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