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Lessons Learned From Disappointment

  Edge Factor   |     January 16, 2024 |   5 minute read
John Good turned disappointment into success by making a career out of what he loved to do.

Early in aspiring drummer John Good’s life, his drum teacher dropped a bombshell when he said, "John you will never be skilled enough to be a professional drummer."

Most people would not react well to someone telling them that their dream was unachievable. Fewer still would want anything to do with that drum teacher. 


John Good would not only stay friends with his drum teacher Don Lombardi, but would also agree to start a drum manufacturing business with Don.


John Good helped create the drum company Drum Workshop, (DW) and he’s a fascinating manufacturer who took his passion for drumming and turned it into an amazing opportunity. 


3 Ways to Deal with Disappointment and Turn It Into Success


1. Never Stop Innovating


The first thing that was apparent when we interviewed John Good was his passion for his work. Even after 40 years in the industry, he’s still like a kid in a candy store when he talks about his drums. It’s that kind of passion that helps a manufacturer become successful. 


When John talks about the early days of DW Drums in the Edge Factor film, Masters of Resonance, he talks about how there were no manuals for drum building, and how every other existing drum manufacturer wanted to keep their trade secrets close to the chest. 


John and the other innovators at DW had to essentially design their business, their manufacturing process, and their product from the ground up. Even today, John is still envisioning new ways to build drums and new materials to use in drum construction, never letting the process grow stale. 



2. Surround Yourself with the Right People 

The reason that DW has become such a force in drumming is that the company employs people with a passion equal to John’s. 


Drums aren’t just a job for DW’s employees; it’s clear that it’s a way of life. John easily shows how much he wants those around him to succeed, whether it’s the artist who paints decals on DW drums, or the musicians who eventually play DW’s products. 


John wants all of these people to love what they do, and express themselves through the art of drum making and playing. 


3. Know the Value of a Good Story

John Good knows the power of a good story told well. He knows that if a storyteller is passionate, they can pass that enthusiasm on to their audience. 


By opening himself up, by discussing his struggles and his dreams, he reaches an audience, so they can understand why he loves what he does and learn from him what it takes to be a successful person. It’s a captivating, authentic storytelling experience and, when done well, can work for any industry. 


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The film Masters of Resonance also features and interview with the late Neil Peart, and the making of the R-40 drum kit, DW manufactured for the RUSH 40th Anniversary tour. You can watch the full feature on YouTube for free. 

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