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The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

  Edge Factor Team   |     August 21, 2023 |   4 minute read
Lifelong Learning - Soft Skills on the job with Edge Factor

The new school year is now underway. Educators and students alike are being empowered daily to teach, to learn and be inspired to make a positive impact in their communities. 


We know that learning is something that happens in and outside of the classroom.  Elevating the role of an educator to a whole new level.  An Educator doesn’t just spoon feed knowledge to their students, they give them tools and confidence to learn for themselves, to think critically and find answers to the questions they have. 


We have been learning since before we took our first steps. Learning is not just something we do in a classroom, learning is something we do for life. Therein lies, the ultimate test of a great educator, to instill in their students a love for learning. 


Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”  


We are all lifelong learners. 


Everyday, we have the opportunity to pick up a new skill. Technology has changed the speed at which information can be transferred and accessed world wide. If we are committed to learning something new every day, then we can use this technology to benefit and expand our knowledge of the world around us, where we have come from and where we are headed. 


 “All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.” George Whitman


It is through this openness to being a lifelong learner that ideas are born. Ideas bring about creativity and hope, and play a central role in our daily lives. The power of an idea has a transformative effect on our community or even the world.  Founder and Producer of Edge Factor, Jeremy Bout is an example of this, as he was a 5 Axis Machinist before the idea of Edge Factor took shape in his mind. 


Educators, parents and mentors play a vital role in helping students, job-seekers and young people discover their gifts and talents and help them take responsibility for the talents they have. So they can be empowered to use their talents to solve problems, serve others and impact their communities. 


Lifelong Learning Effects Career Development 


There are many benefits to lifelong learning including improving personal and professional skills, improved self confidence and self motivation. Being self motivated and teachable is a core component to employee development.  


In the Edge Factor series, Soft Skills on the Job, Alan Bennink, Mohawk College Professor and Elevating Device Mechanic shares how lifelong learning is a big part of his career, “I was hired because of my electronic skills, I had to learn the old way an elevator works in order to implement the electronic skills I had, but nowadays elevators are run by computers, so I had to learn that as well.”   


The technological advances impact every industry, having a teachable attitude and being open to learning will lead to future success. 


We all have a responsibility to be lifelong learners, and how do we ensure the next workforce generation embraces this responsibility as well? We need to accompany them, without looking down on them, challenge them to read, learn and discuss their ideas. Which means we need to listen and be open to learning from them as well. 


Being a lifelong learner, requires self motivation to learn and do. Which means we cannot  be afraid to make mistakes but instead aim to learn from our mistakes. There is a delicate balance as well in being able to exercise initiative while also knowing when to ask for direction so we can learn from others.  


Lifelong learning is a characteristic that will define a student's success. The Edge Factor platform includes thousands of videos and lesson plans to equip educators with the tools they need to empower students on their career exploration journey. 


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