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Explore Careers as a Lifelong Learner

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 02, 2022 |   8 minute read
What does it mean to be a lifelong learner.

Being a lifelong learner can set you up for success. As you try new things you’ll discover that you can actually make a career out of the things you are doing, and you'll pick up skills you take with you as you move forward. Research shows that people who try new things live happier lives. 


Trying New Things Is Good for Your Well Being

When we try something new it stretches our senses and elevates our mood. This is only the short term benefit. In the long run, trying something new, improves memory, and motivation.  It also increases your adaptability and agility in acquiring new skills. When you get out of your comfort zone you will overcome your fears and discover new talents which will lead you to discover your potential. 


As you discover your potential, you can begin to explore how to use this new skill in a career you are passionate about. Trying new things is simply being open to new experiences. It can be as basic as talking to new people and making new friends. Maybe pick up a new musical instrument or art form. Check out new foods and ways to prepare them. Take up a new physical challenge and learn a new skill. The list is endless.


Lifelong Learners Advance Their Careers

At Edge Factor, we’ve created thousands of multimedia tools to inspire people to explore, prepare and connect on their career journey. The inspiration phase begins with a great story! I have met with so many people over the years, who have taken an idea, learned a new skill, created something new, and launched a rewarding career.  


When you embrace lifelong learning there’s no telling where that career journey will end up. I started as a manufacturer, today I am a filmmaker and platform developer, and my journey continues. 

I was inspired to try something new after meeting Jody Davis, the lead guitarist of the Newsboys as we filmed the documentary, “Under the Bus”.


Rockstar by night, an artisan by day


As the lead guitarist for the Newsboys, Jody plays guitar for millions of fans. While on the road, he has a lot of downtime. Jody likes to be productive and has a passion for making things. So he started to look for something to do, by reading books and watching some online videos he discovered a whole new talent for making his own guitars. 


Jody was inspiring to me….his willingness to take something beyond just talking, and actually doing. It is great to dream, but it is crucial you take the first step and do something. Get on youtube and see what you can learn, jump on Edge Factor and meet more people like him.



Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things


The common theme in all the stories we tell at Edge Factor are about people who were willing to try new things and be stretched to limits and overcome challenges. 


Stories like Shelley Davies, a woman who stepped out of her comfort zone to gain the skills she needed to work in a male dominated trade. 


Shelley graduated from University and then College, and found herself working on cruise ships and even as a wedding planner. She only experienced true fulfillment when she worked with her hands. So she made a complete career shift, learned new skills and discovered welding. She now has a successful career as a Metal Fabricator with Berminghammer


“Now I get to craft objects and build things that go into the world as part of bridges, buildings and infrastructure.” 


Shelly took her passion, a desire to learn, and try new things, and willingness to go outside of her comfort zone. 


Lifelong learning is the willingness to take an idea from your head, connect it with your hands, and do something about it. Don’t be afraid to try new things.


Say YES to Adventure!

When you say yes to an opportunity to try something new, and pair that with giving it your best effort, you build layer on layer of success and reach a level of excellence.  Stack hard working moments, push through difficulties and experience success. 


Every few months, Edge Factor offers a new free toolkit which can be a starting point for you to define what success looks like in your life.  Try something new, and surprise yourself when you see how you can connect this new skill with possible careers.

The Edge Factor Summer Camp toolkit provides opportunities to try new things and begin your career exploration journey.


Here’s a brief list of what’s included in the Summer Camp toolkit: 


  • 5 Days of STEAM

Watch high-impact videos that showcase how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math come alive in real-world careers.


  • Enter to Win Prizes

 Complete the daily STEAM challenge and submit a picture or video evidence using the feedback form for your chance to WIN an Amazon Gift Cards!


  • Cinematic Films

 Get some popcorn and watch stories of inspiring innovators and creators pushing back the edge of what's possible.


The Summer Camp Toolkit is available for FREE from June 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022.




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