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Explore STEAM Careers with Edge Factor

  Edge Factor Team   |     September 07, 2023 |   5 minute read
Edge Factor new series, Jaybird STEAM Investigator

What makes the world go round? How about the steam that powers your train, the gadget you can't seem to live without, or the beautiful architecture around you? That's all the magic of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math!


As we progress into the 21st century, a wave of innovation and technological advancement continues to sweep across various industries. One such driving force is STEAM, which is not just a combination of different areas of study – it has emerged as a key player in shaping future careers and industries.

Edge Factor has launched a new series to help young learners explore how STEAM is being used in various careers, so learners connect their in-class learning with real world careers. 


STEAM’s Role and Purpose


The main purpose of steam is to provide a source of energy. Steam engines, for instance, played a pivotal role during the Industrial Revolution, powering locomotives and ships. Today, steam continues to be used in power plants to generate electricity. The high-pressure steam turns the blades of a turbine, which then spins a generator to create electricity. The appeal of steam lies in its efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness, making it a continued choice for industrial applications.


STEAM in the Workforce


A steam job can be any position that involves the use, maintenance, or understanding of steam systems. For example, a Stationary Engineer or Boiler Operator is responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of steam boilers, ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely. These jobs demand a deep understanding of science, engineering, and technology, making them quintessential STEAM careers.

The scope of STEAM, however, extends far beyond traditional roles. A key mission of STEAM education is to prepare learners for a wide range of careers by providing them with multilayered skills and knowledge based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math concepts they’re learning about in class.  In the real world, this translates into a multitude of exciting and dynamic careers - from designing and testing innovative tech products, to analyzing data to inform business decisions, to using art and design thinking to improve user experience.

The story of STEAM doesn't stop here. STEAM has a huge impact on a wide variety of thrilling careers, from designing the next cutting-edge tech gadget to using art to improve how users interact with products.


Meet Jaybird, STEAM Investigator


Edge Factor’s newest feature Jaybird STEAM Investigator features a young investigator committed to debunking the myth that STEAM is not used in real-world careers. No career is too outlandish, no building too tall, and no mountain too high for this determined investigator!


Targeted at students in grades 3-4, and especially aimed at encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers, this series takes learners on a journey to various unique and interesting environments, unveiling the real-world application of STEAM concepts.



Learning Outcomes


  • Career Identification: Students will be able to identify different occupations and industries that rely on STEAM.

  • Real-World Application: Students will gain a thorough understanding of how specific Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, or Math topics are applied daily within various career pathways.

  • Connecting Classroom to Workplace: Students will begin to make meaningful connections between what they learn in the classroom and its application in the workplace.


STEAM and Future Careers 


In an era where rapid technological progress is reshaping the future of work, equipping students with a solid STEAM foundation is more critical than ever. As we progress from kindergarten to retirement, the impact of STEAM on our lives, industries, and careers remain a constant. And with innovative educational tools like Jaybird STEAM Investigator, we are taking a significant step towards creating a vibrant STEAM-powered future.


STEAM careers are about integrating science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to solve real-world problems, create innovative solutions, and drive forward the industries of tomorrow. Embrace STEAM - because this is where the future of work is headed.


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