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Learning is Fun with Jaybird STEAM Investigator

  Edge Factor Team   |     January 02, 2024 |   7 minute read
Edge Factor new Feature for Grades 5 -6 students to connect STEAM skills real world careers

Teaching complex concepts to Grade 5-6 students can be both a rewarding and challenging task. Educators and parents often find themselves walking a tightrope, trying to balance the need for meticulous academic content to make learning fun for young minds. But, in response to the challenges faced by educators and parents who are teaching these age groups today, Edge Factor has introduced an exciting new feature. 

Jaybird STEAM Investigator is a  series that helps learners in Grades 3 - 4 explore how STEAM is being used in various careers, to connect in-class learning with real-world careers.  Edge Factor’s new spinoff, Jaybird Journals, furthers this notion by assisting Grades 5-6 students to gain a deeper understanding of how science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) concepts are integrated into various skilled trades, emphasizing real-world applications.


“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.” -Albert Einstein


Young learners are at a brain development crossroads like never before.  They're ready to grasp tricky ideas, but only in ways that communicate with their brains. With phones buzzing and screens everywhere, keeping one focused, answering such questions as, "Why do I need to know this?" and taking into account the various learning styles, – it's like putting together a puzzle every day for teachers and parents.


Challenges in Teaching Complex Concepts:

Cognitive Development: Grade 5-6 students are in a crucial stage of cognitive development. While their brains are capable of understanding complex ideas, it's essential to present information in a way that aligns with their cognitive abilities. Striking this balance is a constant challenge for educators.


Short Attention Spans: Holding the attention of young learners can be tricky. With the proliferation of digital distractions, maintaining focus on complex topics becomes an even greater hurdle.

Relevance to Real-world Applications: Students at this age often question the practicality of what they're learning. Connecting complex concepts to real-world applications becomes imperative to keep them engaged and motivated.

Diverse Learning Styles: Every student learns differently. Some are visual learners, others tactile, and some learn best through auditory means. Catering to diverse learning styles is a puzzle that educators and parents need to solve daily.



A Solution for Engaging Learning

Edge Factor’s newest feature Jaybird Journals features a young investigator armed with a journal, as she tackles the challenges of breaking down complex concepts into engaging and educational experiences. From engineering conundrums to artistic masterpieces, Jaybird showcases the significance of STEAM in unraveling the world's mysteries and achieving greatness.

Targeted at students in grades 5-6, and especially aimed at encouraging girls to pursue STEAM careers, this series takes learners on a journey to various unique and interesting environments, unveiling the real-world application of these concepts.


Learning Outcomes


  • Career Identification: Learners are inspired to consider careers in the skilled trades by showcasing the diversity of opportunities and the importance of STEAM skills in these fields.

  • Real-World Application:  Learners gain a deeper understanding of how STEAM concepts are used on the job.

  • Connecting Classroom to Workplace: Students will begin to make meaningful connections between classroom learning and be able to demonstrate how STEAM subjects are fundamental to success in the skilled trades.


STEAM and Future Careers

Teaching complex concepts to Grade 5-6 students is undeniably challenging, but it's a challenge that can be met with innovation and creativity. Jaybird Journals, as part of Edge Factor's Jaybird STEAM Investigator series, presents an exciting opportunity for educators and parents to transform the learning experience. 

As we progress from kindergarten to retirement, the impact of STEAM on our lives, industries, and careers remains constant. By combining interactive, fun, and relevant content, we can inspire the next generation to not only understand complex concepts but also see the connection between classroom learning and real-world careers. With tools like Jaybird Journals, education becomes a journey, and learning becomes an adventure.


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