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Edge Factor new “Elements” Series Tackles Sustainability Topics

  Edge Factor Team   |     December 06, 2022 |   6 minute read
Edge Factor Launches new series, Elements, that tackles sustainability topics

Sustainable development involves meeting the needs we have today without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs. The challenge is not only that we cannot foresee what the future will bring, but we don’t always know how the actions we take today will impact our future world. 


Edge Factor’s new series, Elements is a cinematic series that helps open people’s eyes to sustainability topics that have global implications. Each episode features the story of a real world scenario with unique problems and solutions. 


“The greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it.” - Robert Swan


The first episode, of Elements titled Renewable Energy, Senior Manager of Heritage at Niagara Parks, Jim Hill, shares the history of one of the first stations build to harness the power of the water. Niagara Falls is easily the most powerful waterfall in the world. With over 168,000 cubic metres flowing through the falls every minute.  Viewers will discover how people have been generating hydroelectricity on the Niagara River for over 100 years and learn how the legacy of sustainable power generation is looking toward the future. 


In an upcoming episode, we meet, Brad Worsley, President, and CEO of Novo BioPower. Brad shares how ignoring the past led to the Rodeo - Chedeski Fire that burned in east-central Arizona beginning on June 18, 2002, and was not controlled until July 7, 2002.


“The major change is that pre-European settlement, the Indigenous peoples, the Native Americans who lived there, allowed fire to play a role in the forest. They knew that forests had to have the cleansing effect of fire every decade, every couple of decades to clear the underbrush, to preserve the seedling trees.Brad goes on to say, “Post-European settlement, people lost touch with this important aspect of forest life. They wanted the large trees for lumber and they didn’t allow natural fires because of the risk it presented to settlers and to the logging industry.” 


In order to work on sustainable development we have to build up a future generation that is prepared to innovate, problem solve and work together to create solutions that don’t compromise the earth’s natural cycling of elements. 


Commercial industries and environmental communities have to work together to reflect on what it means to be a good steward of the earth. How can we feed, educate, transport, communicate, and care for people, land, and animals in sustainable ways? Through this new Edge Factor series, viewers will meet people who are taking action and building solutions to today's toughest challenges.



Edge Factor’s K-Gray strategy means our creative teams, e-learning coordinators, and storytellers are working together to build media and digital tools for every age group, from Kindergarten through to retirement. We are filming and publishing more content than ever - and faster than ever before.


In this all-new series, we’ve created senior high school students and job seekers can explore how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math can be used to create sustainable solutions or to educate future generations on the roles and responsibilities we all have to innovate solutions to problems, no matter how big they may seem.


Educators can access and share this series to create an engaging in-class experience.  Encouraging students to reflect on the problems and solutions shared in the video and the careers and skills they can explore and develop to impact their future.


Students will be able to:

  • Make connections between their interests, strengths, and goals
  • Develop an understanding of sustainability practices
  • Make meaningful connections between principles of sustainability and the future
  • Identify technology, skills, processes, tools, and equipment used in sustainable practices
  • Develop an understanding of the possible educational and career pathways

Access and Share Today! 

For over a decade, Edge Factor has been working with communities across North America to inspire the next workforce. We work closely with educators, community and business leaders to connect students, parents, and job seekers with companies, schools, careers and training programs available in their community.


How do we inspire students and reach parents? At Edge Factor, we believe it all begins with a good story! We travel the globe to film real people working in diverse industry sectors to create high-impact career exploration media.  Our e-learning resources provide educators and students with the tools they need to dig deeper and make meaningful connections.


Visit the Edge Factor smart platform to begin your customized career journey today! Stay tuned for more videos in the series in the coming months. 


Watch real life stories of people who are taking action and building solutions to today's toughest sustainability challenges.


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