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Edge Factor Reality TV Show: Reality Redesigned Competition

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2017 |   2 minute read
Reality Redesigned Teams compete for the next round in this Edge Factor reality tv show

Here it is! The moment we’ve all been waiting for… Edge Factor is announcing the top three teams from Reality Redesigned in Randolph County that will advance to Round 2: the reality TV series.

April 6, 2017. Randolph, NC. – The results are officially in! Edge Factor is excited to announce the top three contenders of the Reality Redesigned student design competition in partnership with Randolph Community College. For the last few weeks, the Celebrity Judges featuring Meghan West, President of Mastercam, Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Machine Shop and Additive Manufacturing magazines, and Montez King, Executive Director of NIMS have combed through each of the top 15 submissions. They have now come to a consensus and we are excited to announce the top three teams that won Round 1 and will advance to compete in a nail-biting design challenge on the Reality Redesigned TV series.

Click here to watch the top 3 contenders announcement video!

The Teams that won Round 1 are…

  1. “The Puffee” Design by the Big Boiz team from Uwharrie Charter
  2. “The Kitty Contraptor” by the Team Warriors from Uwharrier Charter
  3. “The Stainless Steal-less Mug” by the team Mooks from Trinity High School

Congratulations! These three top teams competed against students from 18 schools in Randolph County to design solutions to outrageous story-driven scenarios by uploading team videos, pictures of drawings, CAD models, planning documents, estimating costs with the “Wild-Guestimator”, and uploaded other innovative ways to share their problem-solving descriptions.

“Edge Factor wants to say a huge thank you to every single student and team that put their thinking caps on, merged their left and right brain thinking to come up with creative solutions and put their best efforts in. Keep coming up with ideas, keep imagining new possibilities, keep connecting your ideas with your hands, and you are bound to succeed,” said Josh Pies, Edge Factor Producer and Co-Creator of Reality Redesigned.

“For the top three contenders, we can’t wait to reveal the design challenge you will need to solve to take the top spot in the reality TV series!”

Now that the three teams have been chosen for Round 2, Edge Factor is preparing to roll cameras for the reality TV series being filmed at the Gene Haas Computer-Integrated Machining Institute at Randolph Community College in late April. The teams will face-off to solve a real-world challenge with a toolbox of resources and only 84 hours to dream, design, build and get ready to present their ideas. 3D Design, CNC machining, welding, and 3D printing will come alive as ideas flow from their heads to their hands.

“Man. I wish, WISH, I had an opportunity like this when I was in high school! The technology that now exists to turn our dreams and ideas into reality through manufacturing are light years beyond the capabilities I had as a young person,” said Kris Julian, Dir. of Marketing at Randolph Community College. “I’m so excited to see what our future holds in the hands of these young people.”

The three teams will present their 84 Hour Challenge creations to the Judges in front of a live audience of their peers. The Judges will go into sequester and the contestants will take a limo to a party with some of the most influential business leaders in the area. Broadcasting live from the ‘Party with the Presidents’, the Judges will make the announcement of the winner of Reality Redesigned: the “Stack your deck” pilot series. Stay tuned on Edge Factor’s Facebook page for the latest updates!

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