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The Power of Storytelling During School Closures

  Edge Factor   |     April 02, 2020 |   3 minute read
The Power of Storytelling During School Closures

Since the beginning of mankind and the first paintings on cave walls, stories have connected generations and united communities. Our lives are made up of stories. Stories that we tell ourselves and stories that we tell others. When we want to be entertained, we watch, read, or listen to stories. Stories inform us and warn us as well. Storytelling is the way we communicate with the world. It’s the way we say, “I was here, and this is what happened to me.” In short, I was alive. 


During this time of self-isolation and school closures, when everyone is securing themselves in their homes and apartments, stories take on an even more important role. (If you doubt this idea, just ask the families who have been streaming Netflix nonstop!). Storytelling is how we share and connect. It’s how we feel not quite as lonely when we video chat with friends and relatives. 


For example, almost everyone right now has a toilet paper story. Toilet paper is not something, a few months ago, anyone would have suspected of being a uniting force. But the struggle for adequate supplies of toilet paper has become a unifying narrative, one that will probably stay with us long after the crisis has ended. 


The power of storytelling can even be important in fighting misinformation. Jerome Bruner, a cognitive psychologist, has suggested that stories are up to 22 times easier to remember than facts. When fighting the coronavirus disease, the stories of those affected can lead to better preventive actions than lists of statistics.   


Edge Factor believes strongly in the power of storytelling. It influences everything we do. We try to bring to light those stories you don’t always hear about. The amazing stories of everyday people - like you and me - who do extraordinary things with their lives: the unsung heroes of the working world. 


The Power of Storytelling to Change Your World

The Power of Storytelling to Change Your WorldWhen this crisis has finally ended, it’s the stories that will remain, and the stories that we’ll remember and retell. 


That’s why we’d like to share, free of charge, these Edge Factor stories and resources for students we’ve collected for you - to help entertain and engage you  during this time of self-isolation and give you something to look forward to when everything returns to normal: a career to be passionate about, a career that helps write your next story. 


Visit the Edge Factor platform to discover more ways to thrive during school closures. 


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