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Online Learning Is Easy with a Free Virtual Workplace Experience

  Edge Factor   |     May 14, 2020 |   2 minute read
Online Learning Is Easy with a Free Virtual Workplace Experience

As the 2019-20 school year winds down, COVID-19 is restricting students from exploring their options or allowing them to get out on Co-op or workplace tours. 


In answer to this, Edge Factor proudly presents an all-new series of Virtual Workplace Experiences (VWE) to empower students to go behind closed doors and discover real-life work environments.


In the voice of an Industry professional,  each Virtual Workplace Experience covers topics such as the equipment and tools used, typical aspects of the job, safety, technology and materials, and more. Each episode features a different company, including Niagara Parks, I-Cubed Robotics, Flying Colours, Brouwer Construction, and many more. The accompanying lesson plan equips educators to assess students’ prior knowledge of the industry, assess the information that students learned after watching the video and help students to create goals for their future career pathways.


FREE Videos & Lesson Plans

In collaboration with ABB, Mastercam, Skills Canada, myBlueprint, Skills Ontario, Grand Erie DSB, and Brant Haldimand Norfolk CDSB,  Edge Factor is providing one FREE Virtual Workplace Experience and lesson plan each week. Any educator can click here to download the free weekly Lesson Plan and share the video with their students!


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