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  Edge Factor Team   |     March 17, 2021 |   4 minute read
Edge Factor partnered with myBlueprint

March 17, 2021In 2021, myBlueprint is collaborating with Edge Factor to equip organizations across Canada with five Experience toolkits to inspire students and jobseekers to pursue career pathways. This initiative empowers schools, companies, and community workforce leaders with FREE access to high impact toolkits to host engaging presentations and virtual events. With 5 Days of STEAM content, Keynote presentations, free marketing tools, and “How To” Guides. These Experiences help students and parents explore Skilled Trades training programs, careers, STEAM on-the-job, soft skills, and more. 


myBlueprint Empowers Students to Make Informed Decisions


Since 2005, myBlueprint has empowered students to make informed decisions about their future.  myBlueprint listens to the needs of educators and provides innovative and creative solutions for educators and students across Canada. With over a million users across 360+ school boards, myBlueprint equips schools with a visual student driven portfolio system, and a comprehensive education and career/life planning program with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future. 


Edge Factor and myBlueprint Provide a Seamless Experience


Edge Factor’s widely used e-learning platform is designed for students in grades 7-12 and jobseekers to go on a career journey. Using the power of storytelling, Edge Factor’s videos, lesson plans, and interactive activities provide tools to browse careers, watch dynamic virtual tours in Canadian companies, prepare to enter the workforce with STEAM and Soft Skills, and connect with local training programs and careers. It’s a tool that many myBlueprint schools use to help direct students’ pathways to success and add Badges to their myBlueprint Student Portfolios. Specifically, Edge Factor’s Virtual Workplace Experiences and Soft Skills series provide myBlueprint plug-in information for students to add Badges to their myBlueprint student portfolios.

“myBlueprint and Edge Factor work hand-in-glove together. The combination of Edge Factor’s media library and the capabilities of myBlueprint’s student portfolio and Education Planner provide a seamless experience for students to explore opportunities and plan their future,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor. “We’re excited to continue and expand our close relationship with the awesome team at myBlueprint!”


Free Experiences in 2021


Featuring select tools from the Edge Factor library, five free Experiences will be available during specific 2021 months, for organizations to share in classrooms, homes, and at events:

  1. Women in Skilled Trades (Mar - Apr 2021) - To celebrate International Women’s Day/ Month, this toolkit will feature stories of women in skilled trades! The goal of this Experience is to encourage female students to explore and pursue skilled trades career pathways.
  2. Indigenous Tradespeople (May - June 2021) - Edge Factor has created deep libraries of content and success stories featuring Indigenous Community Members in skilled trades! This Experience will coincide with June’s National Indigenous History Month and promote skilled trades to Indigenous families.
  3. Summer Camps (July-August 2021) - Summer Learning Programs and Summer Camps  need  turnkey tools to engage students! This Experience will bring STEAM to life and provide meaningful tools to engage students during summer months.
  4. Rock MFG DAY (Sept-October 2021) - October is Manufacturing Day/ Month and we are providing the 2021 Rock MFG DAY kit for everyone to highlight the extraordinary world of advanced manufacturing. 
  5. Apprenticeships (Nov-Dec 2021) - There are many training pathways that lead to successful careers - Apprenticeships offer incredible opportunities for students to gain real world skills and earn money while they learn! The Apprenticeships Experience will provide inspirational and informational tools for families to discover apprenticeship programs.

Discover more Edge Factor partners who are working to enhance career development in their communities. 

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