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LEDA: Inspiring the Next Generation of Makers in North Carolina

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2016 |   2 minute read
Edge Factor provides tools for workforce development leaders to fill the skills gap and inspire the next generation of makers.

Lincoln Economic Development Association (LEDA) is partnering with production company Edge Factor to engage the Lincolnton community, inspire students, equip educators with high impact resources and provide parents with insights on how to kickstart their kid’s future.

Edge Factor produces films and TV series that tell stories of innovative teams who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible as their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing. Based on these stories, Edge Factor creates interactive resources to raise awareness and guide students towards amazing pathways in career and technical education and manufacturing, available on Focused on pursuing well-balanced, quality growth for the community, LEDA is providing Lincolnton middle and high schools with eduFACTOR memberships to equip educators with engaging resources.

To launch eduFACTOR and ignite inspiration across Lincolnton, LEDA is hosting a live Spark Session event with Edge Factor guest speaker Jeremy Bout on February 9, 2016! The goal of this event is to open the eyes of parents and students from 8 local schools to see the amazing careers available and inspire them to pursue career pathways that will grow Lincolnton’s cutting edge manufacturing industry. To raise awareness for parents of students at Lincoln County Schools to attend, LEDA is hosting a competition for schools to compete to win donuts! The school that receives the most votes from now until the day of the event will receive donuts for every student on February 10.


Explore Edge Factor multi media resources to fill the skills gap and tackle workforce development. 

“The team at LEDA is thinking outside of the box to reach community members in creative and engaging ways. As a forward thinking organization, they are inspiring the next generation of skilled manufacturers in Lincolnton to close the workforce gap and unite and grow their community in North Carolina,” said Larissa Hofman, Edge Factor’s Director of Communications.

“LEDA understands we cannot recruit industries or expect existing ones to stay where there is no workforce. We have to cultivate the next generation of employees and have to use relatable means to speak the language of our youth,” Brown said. “Edge Factor delivers the message perfectly. I think our students and their parents will be excited with promising future available with careers in manufacturing.”

Media Contact:

Larissa Hofman

Dir. of Communications

Edge Factor

(716) 805-3343

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