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Explore Top Industries and Careers in Canada

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 28, 2022 |   6 minute read
Explore Top Industries and Careers in Canada

As the second-largest country for land mass within the world, Canada is known for many things, including its breathtaking landscapes, maple syrup, ethnic diversity, and cold winters. With over 15 million people employed full-time across the country, communities across Canada are home to hardworking people contributing to some of the top industries, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, healthcare, and more.


In many of these communities, workforce development needs and challenges continue to grow. According to the Government of Canada, between 2021 to 2025 the expected number of job openings in skilled trades will increase by over 60,000.  The top in-demand careers are carpentry, hospitality, human services, automotive, and manufacturing. 


Over the last two years, Edge Factor has filmed in 250+ Canadian locations and companies to showcase skilled trades and career pathways! To celebrate Canada Day and inspire Canadians to launch rewarding careers, Edge Factor is launching the new Canada has the Edge page, filled with free media, stories, career profiles, and virtual field trips.


When it comes to workforce development, everyone has a role to play. Communities across Canada are looking to unite their efforts and build their workforce pipeline with skilled, dependable team members for local companies and grow their local economy. 

To build the workforce pipeline and address the skills gap, there is a need to connect local service providers and companies with schools and families, to raise awareness of local training and career opportunities! When companies and schools are able to showcase the opportunities they offer, learners are empowered to explore which of those opportunities are a good fit for them. Students and job-seekers have to hear about the opportunities to know they exist! That’s where Edge Factor comes in.


Using the power of cinematic storytelling, Edge Factor takes learners on a career journey from "I have no idea what I want to do with my life!" all the way to, “I have browsed the opportunities, made informed decisions, and launched a local training and career pathway.” We have criss-crossed Canada to produce thousands of videos and interactive activities that highlight diverse industry and career pathways in every industry and we deliver these multimedia tools through the Edge Factor platform. Edge Factor focuses on sharing real life stories and multimedia solutions to answer community workforce development needs.


Together with our partners, we are proud to share free access to this media (and much more!) on an all-new landing page called, Canada has the Edge


This is a family-friendly space, where students, parents, and job-seekers become inspired to launch their own training and career pathways. It features real life stories of people pushing back the edge of what’s possible and using their minds, hands, and technology to build the future and impact lives. To make connections and foster relationships between local schools, families, and companies, this page also includes Profiles with information and links to Canadian organizations and opportunities.


Canada has the Edge page features companies such as Toronto Zoo, Hydro One, Brue Power, Niagara Parks, MacLean EngineeringStuart Olsen, Wikwemikong Tourism, Walters Group, Kawartha Dairy, and Toromont Cat,  just to name a few.  Edge Factor has been able to go behind closed doors to film virtual tours, career profiles, STEAM and soft skills videos showcasing diverse industry leaders in, zoology, power generation, horticulture, welding, engineering, design, heavy equipment, and more!  


Students can learn about the hands on programs that teach real skills for the real world. Job-seekers can explore the landing page and discover what ‘a day in the life’ looks like in specific careers.


 “We want to say “Happy Canada Day!” and celebrate the incredible career opportunities in companies across the country,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor. “This new Canada has the Edge page opens the door for students and learners across Canada to explore career pathways. And it offers a great first step for communities to learn more about how they can partner with us to create a highly personalized experience for learners of all ages to map their career journey and plug into local opportunities!”


Check out FREE career exploration media created across Canada.


Visit Canada has the Edge page today! 



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