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  Edge Factor Team   |     November 01, 2021 |   4 minute read
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November 1, 2021 - In November and December 2021, Edge Factor and partners are encouraging students and job-seekers across North America to discover the power of apprenticeships! During these months, we are equipping educators, industry, and workforce leaders with high impact tools to showcase apprentice-able careers and promote apprenticeship training programs with our Apprenticeship Experience toolkit.


On both sides of the US-Canadian border, governments are providing funding to companies and encouraging them to host apprenticeships, so they can build their workforce, provide hands-on training, and help apprentices complete their certification. Apprenticeships benefit employers by bridging the existing skills gaps, as apprentices learn what they need to succeed in their chosen field. 


“Apprenticeships merge on-the-job training with classroom learning, making it an ideal way for students and job-seekers to gain the skills they need to be successful in their career,” said Jeremy Bout, Founder and President of Edge Factor. “The unique relationship shared between apprentices and trainers is built on growth, sharing of knowledge, and personal development. In the many apprenticeship programs that we have learned about, we’ve heard time and time again that apprentices become journeypersons with better safety performance, greater overall productivity, and fewer mistakes. It’s a rewarding training and career pathway for anyone to take.”


The Apprenticeships Experience Toolkit


This year we will be sharing media and tools for families, educators, and industry leaders to explore for FREE online. Each of the 5 Days of STEAM included in the Apprenticeships toolkit are filled with inspirational stories, Virtual Workplace Experiences, Career Profile videos and Soft Skills media for students and families to discover.


5 Reasons why YOU should host an Apprenticeships Experience


  1. Recruit new students to enroll in apprenticeship programs.

  2. Inspire students and job-seekers to pursue apprentice-able careers. 

  3. Reach parents at home to change antiquated perceptions of skilled trades careers.

  4. Build relationships between local schools and businesses by inviting them to participate and share information on the apprenticeship programs they offer.

  5. Help students understand how STEAM and Soft Skills come alive in real-world careers. 

Edge Factor’s mission is to guide students and job-seekers through a career exploration journey from, "I have no idea what to do with my life!" all the way to launching a local training and career pathway.  The team members at Edge Factor often say, “We run with runners!”, and working with our partners demonstrates our shared commitment to creating, sustaining and retaining a robust skilled trades workforce. 


The Apprenticeships Experience is available for FREE until December 31, 2021 thanks to our partners California's Arts, Media & Entertainment, ABB Motors & Mechanical Inc., National Tooling and Machining Association, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, National Institute for Metalworking Skills, myBlueprint, Women in Manufacturing, and PMA Precision Metalforming Association



For Edge Factor Premium members only:

This Experience will continue to be available for you all year! And don’t forget that you can assign this content for your Classes and Students to watch the media and answer quizzes.


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