Edge Factor Live at the Shock of the Now Event

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 20, 2022 |   6 minute read
Jeremy Bout presenting at the Shock of the Now Event hosted by California Arts, Media & Entertainment

President and Founder of Edge Factor, Jeremy Bout will be presenting live at California AME’s largest arts, media, and entertainment event of the year!


The California AME Institute 2022, Shock of the Now event is a live professional learning event designed to immerse California Arts, Media and Entertainment educators in the cutting edge of arts, media and entertainment. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the individuals and technologies that are pushing the boundaries of media and storytelling in creative industries. 


It’s with great excitement that we look forward to this event, as Edge Factor, President, and Founder Jeremy Bout is among the exclusive list of presenters. 


This marks the first stop on the Edge Factor tour to unveil the launch of Version 8.1 of the Edge Factor platform.  We are ramping up for a quantum leap in technology, utilizing the power of AI and Machine Learning to deliver unparalleled workforce development solutions. This will help learners of all ages, from K-Gray,  map their Career Journey like never before! Allowing them to discover incredible career and training opportunities within their community.  Edge Factor Premium Members will get exclusive access to the beta version throughout the summer, as the new smart platform is set to launch by the end of August.


The event will take place live on location at Woodbury University, in Burbank, California, the “Media Capital of the World” on June 20-23, 2022. This is the largest arts, media, and entertainment event of the year, featuring an amazing lineup of speakers, sessions, and an expo hall showcasing the latest in AME teaching and learning.


Organizations from around the world are sponsoring this event including, Warner Bros, State of California’s Department of Education, Los Angeles City College, Future of Storytelling, ADOBE, Soundtrap, Dolby, WiX Education, California Film Commission, 1500 Sound Academy, and many others. 

The lineup of presentations includes Warner Brothers and Apartment D studio tours, and an introduction to comedy with Flappers Comedy Club. The presentations, workshops and training sessions will continue with Pathways to Community College presented by Los Angeles City College, along with immersive exhibits and sponsored expos.


Jeremy Bout will be presenting on Wednesday, June 22 in the Fletcher Jones auditorium. Edge Factor's presentation will explore how stories inspire career development, especially when they spotlight real people using skills in a real-world setting. 


In this high impact session, Jeremy will demo how the Edge Factor platform leverages the power of stories, skills, and technology, showcasing the ways that CTE can move learners into a new world of work, skills, and opportunities. 


In this session, people will learn:


  1. How Edge Factor works with schools and partners to inspire people to explore, prepare and connect on their career journey.  

  2. How CTE Programs can leverage Edge Factor’s methodology and tools to engage students, market programs, and grow relationships with local industry.

  3. How to use Edge Factor’s competency media and badges to fill CTE programs and apprenticeships.


Attendees will include educators, CTE partners, school district administrators and the California Dept. of Education, and Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry leaders including CA AME’s Coalition Partners like Spotify, Dreamworks, Dolby, Nickelodeon, Magma Studio, Apple for Education, Autodesk, and many others.


“Allison Frenel from the CA AME first called Edge Factor right at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, looking for career development and CTE tools related to creative industries, to help engage students and parents at home. Since then, our teams have worked together to provide free resources and turnkey toolkits for every school in California,” said Jeremy Bout. “We are a few weeks away from launching the next version of our smart platform and we just knew we had to include CA AME in this speaking tour! I’m looking forward to connecting with industry leaders and giving the attendees a sneak peek of Edge Factor’s smart Career Journey, with many new features and new media coming live this summer.”


As a critically acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Jeremy Bout is passionate about helping communities tackle workforce development in their community.  Edge Factor inspires people to explore, prepare and connect on their career journey. "It all starts with a good story" and the Edge Factor platform is filled with diverse faces, voices, and stories that help learners see with new eyes, the careers that could be a great fit for them.


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