Edge Factor Launches New Event Tour: Faces of the Future

  Edge Factor Team   |     May 31, 2023 |   9 minute read
A group of students framing their face with their hands with the Edge Factor logo Faces of the Future

Edge Factor unveils the "Faces of the Future" tour, an exciting in-school event tour to empower students to explore rewarding paths in the skilled trades. This tour will ignite inspiration and open the eyes of the next generation of leaders in the skilled trades.


Edge Factor is proud to announce the launch of an all-new event tour, Faces of the Future! Hosted as an in-school event, each stop on this tour is dedicated to empowering students to uncover rewarding training and career pathways in the skilled trades. 


A motivational Keynote Presentation, Virtual Reality stations with 360° skilled trades experiences, games, and prizes are just some of the activities included in the first two event tour stops, booked for June 1 and 2! Edge Factor is gearing up to inspire students to explore careers in the skilled trades, provide practical tips on transferable skills they need to develop in order to successfully launch their career, and help students to make meaningful connections with skilled trades workers. Today’s students are the Faces of the Future and Edge Factor is partnering with schools and school boards to engage, educate and interact with students during this high-impact, interactive event!


We are thrilled to announce the first two stops of our exhilarating tour in June! On June 1, 2023, the Edge Factor team, with our tour bus "George," will be making a grand entrance at Ajax High School. The excitement continues on June 2 as we arrive at Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute in Scarborough. 


The Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development of Ontario is excited to support the MPPs, schools, and Edge Factor to help make these events a reality. 


“When you have a career in the skilled trades, you have an in-demand career for life,” said Monte McNaughton, Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development. “That’s why our government is proud to support Edge Factor's Faces of the Future program, which makes it easier for students to explore careers in the skilled trades, make meaningful connections with tradespeople, and learn skills that prepare them for jobs of the future.”


We are honored to have MPP Patrice Barnes, the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Education and Second Deputy Chair of the Committee of the Whole House, attending the event at Ajax High School in her constituency on June 1st.


MPP Barnes shares our enthusiasm, stating, "The VR technology and other tools utilized by Edge Factor's Faces of the Future program, allows participants to virtually practice a job in the skilled trades, giving students the exposure to a career they might not have considered or assumed it was out of reach.  I am delighted that the Faces of the Future program will be visiting Ajax High School. Currently, our province has over 100, 000 vacant skilled trades jobs and hopefully, this experience will inspire students to pursue a well-paying job in the skilled trades.”


MPP David Smith, the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, will be joining us on June 2 to show his support for skilled trades and his local school, Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute.

MPP Smith expressed his excitement, saying, “Edge Factor has been helping people make informed career decisions for over 10 years, through film, digital streaming, and community partnerships. When COVID-19 threw everyone into virtual learning, it was Edge Factor that created virtual field trips and career exploration tools for students. So when I heard that Edge Factor had selected Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute for a live and in-person stop on the Faces of the Future tour here in Scarborough Centre, I was thrilled. It’s a very interactive, dynamic way to tap into skill sets and career possibilities with Skilled Trades that students may not already be considering.” 


These in-school events will include the following:


  • A Motivational Keynote Presentation


This high-impact, inspirational, age-appropriate 30-minute presentation covers the following topics:


  • The importance of resiliency and transferable skills in the real world 
  • The extraordinary training and career opportunities available in the skilled trades (OYAP, SHSM, Co-Op, Tech programs + Career Pathways)
  • Real-life stories of people who have overcome challenges to achieve success 
  • Q & A session with a special guest speaker who works in the skilled trades sharing their own experience and insights


Students leave feeling inspired and empowered, with a renewed sense of hope for their future. 


  • Virtual Reality: Immersive Learning


Students will discover the thrilling world of skilled trades with Edge Factor's VR booth!


Our immersive 360° virtual reality experiences give students the opportunity to explore industries and technology used in Robotic Welding, HVAC, Auto Mechanics and Construction like never before! Students hear the voices of industry professionals sharing insights and get a realistic and engaging view of what it's like to work in the trades! 


  • Faces of the Future Photo Shoot


After VR, students are curious about what their future could hold! Let Edge Factor's Faces of the Future capture their potential through fun photos to help students see themselves in a rewarding career, with a special focus on the exciting world of skilled trades. 


The Faces of the Future tour is driven by a simple yet powerful goal: to inspire students as we guide them in making informed decisions about their future and setting them up for career success with transferable skills. Key takeaways from this event include:


  • Inspiration and motivation: Jeremy's keynote presentation is designed to inspire and motivate students to pursue their goals and dreams, no matter what challenges they may face. By sharing real-life stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles to achieve success, he provides students with a sense of hope and possibility for their own futures. His presentation will open students' eyes to career pathways, and skilled trades training and careers.


  • Exposure to training opportunities: The event promotes programs like OYAP, SHSM, Co-op and tech-ed programs that provide students with opportunities to explore careers in the skilled trades. By attending the event, students can gain exposure to these programs and learn about the wide range of career options that are available to them.

  • Career exploration: The event includes a virtual reality booth and opportunities for students to learn about skilled trades careers and real transferable skills for the real world. This can help students gain a better understanding of work environments and the types of careers that are available to them and the skills they need to succeed in these fields. 


  • Skill-building: The event is geared towards helping students learn about the skilled trades and develop transferable skills that are applicable to the real world. This knowledge can help them prepare for their future careers and develop the skills they need to succeed.


Learn more about the event! 

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