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Edge Factor Executive Receives Leadership Award

  Edge Factor Team   |     December 15, 2021 |   3 minute read
Edge Factor Executive receives leadership award

December 17, 2021 - Edge Factor’s Vice President, Larissa Hofman received national recognition for her leadership, and was just awarded the 2021 Canadian Metalworking Next-Gen Leadership Award


The NextGen Leadership Awards celebrates the best and brightest up-and-comers in Canada’s metalworking and fabricating industries. This recognition serves to show appreciation of the talent and to demonstrate to the manufacturers and the world at large that Canada’s manufacturing industry is evolving and changing with the times. It also celebrates that our schools are creating the talent that will help us continue to grow and change the manufacturing landscape. 


This prestigious award was presented by Canadian Metalworking, a trade publication that covers all aspects of the country's metalworking, fabricating & welding industries. Providing the latest news, products, and insights to keep Canadians aware of the latest industry trends.


Edge Factor is  a career exploration and e-learning platform and technology company that provides schools, businesses, workforce development organizations, and families with e-learning tools to showcase skilled-trades industries and careers. 


Schools are using Edge Factor media to highlight careers in skilled trades and promote hands-on technical education programs. Students are taught about the different education pathways, including apprenticeships, straight-to-work options, college, and university.


“As Vice President, Larissa helps “steer the ship” with Edge Factor President, Jeremy Bout and the executive team. She directly oversees several teams, including sales/partnerships, customer support, events, and pre-production, which is responsible for planning film shoots and locations.” - Joe Thompson, Canadian Metalworking.


In the Canadian Metalworking article you can learn more about Larissa’s introduction to the world of manufacturing, which began when she received a call from a wrong phone number. When Larissa first started, she had no impression of the metal manufacturing industry. “Over the last 10 years, having worked with major machine tool builders, toured hundreds of machine shops, attended and presented at countless events, and partnered with many of the ‘big dogs’ in manufacturing, my eyes have been opened to the extraordinary careers, people, and technology that build our world,” Larissa said, “It’s an industry that is shaping the future and the world around us, helping communities grow, and providing for families.”


“Thank you! I am honoured to be a recipient of the Canadian Metalworking Next-Gen Leadership Award. My passion for inspiring students and job-seekers to discover career and training opportunities fuels the dedication I have towards Edge Factor and our team. We are a mission and data driven team - providing regional, scalable solutions to the global workforce development crisis. Nothing big is ever easy - Edge Factor is a fast paced work environment and we have an incredible team of people that move us forward in our mission. I am very thankful for every Edge Factor team member, and to Canadian Metalworking for this award,” said Larissa Hofman.


“There were many people that helped open my eyes to the opportunities and world of advanced manufacturing. Shoutouts go to Kathy Looman from the Gene Haas Foundation, JoAnn Mitchell from Sandvik Coromant, Meghan West from Mastercam, Peter Zelinski from Gardner Publications, and Tracy Long from ABB. The list goes on and on,” she said.


Read more publications by Canadian Metalworking to stay up to date on Canada’s metalworking, fabricating & welding industries.  Discover how Edge Factor can help your community tackle workforce development and inspire students and job-seekers on their career exploration journey. 


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