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Early Childhood Educators: Building Foundations of Potential

  Edge Factor Team   |     February 08, 2024 |   9 minute read
Early Childhood Educators workplace

Imagine a world without Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) – it's like trying to build a sandcastle without any sand. The foundation for future generations would be on shaky ground, and the chance for well-rounded development in those crucial early years would slip through our fingers. Without these amazing individuals, there'd be a real gap in the lives of so many little ones. There would be no place for people like  Justin Langlois, a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE) at EarlyON Centres, featured in the Edge Factor Skilled Responders series. 


Justin's journey to becoming a Registered Early Childhood Educator was driven by his passion for teaching and his sincere commitment to fostering strong foundations from the early years. 

This month Edge Factor’s Learn & Earn features Registered Early Childhood Educators where learners of all ages can dive into inspiring stories, showcasing the immense potential that lies within a career in ECE.


The Journey Begins: A Calling to Teach

From an early age, Justin felt a calling to make a lasting impact on young minds. His interest in teaching was not simply a career choice but a deep-seated passion. He initially pursued Early Childhood Education as a stepping stone to becoming an Elementary School Teacher. At the start of his career as a RECE, he recognized the significance of nurturing children's development during their formative years, and this inspired him to grow into a profession that would allow him to further his true potential.


Early Childhood Education: Building Strong Foundations

While the Atkinson Centre reports that 96% of Registered Early Childhood Educators are women, Justin found himself in a space that honored individuality and growth. He discovered that his unique perspective and contributions were not only valued but celebrated. Justin equates his work as a RECE to building a house, emphasizing the critical importance of a strong foundation. It is during the early years, from 0-6 years of age, that a child's potential is shaped, and Justin feels privileged to respond to their unique needs while making a lasting impact on the future generation. His experiences highlight the inclusive nature of the Early Childhood Education field and serve as an inspiration for anyone who seeks to make a difference regardless of gender or societal norms.


RECE’s play a pivotal role in providing enriching experiences that enhance cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development. Their dedication to creating a nurturing and stimulating environment sets the stage for a lifetime of success.


Justin's Impactful Work at EarlyON Centres

EarlyON Centres in Chatham-Kent, where Justin works, are dedicated to nurturing the healthy development of children aged 0-6 within safe and welcoming environments spread across the community. These centers not only prioritize the growth of children but also foster community connections by offering culturally responsive programming in collaboration with Francophone and Indigenous partners. EarlyON Centres serve as spaces where families can come together to learn, play, and grow as a united community, emphasizing the importance of collective support and shared experiences in early childhood development.


Justin_ Bilingual RECE

As a RECE, Justin impacts children and families through his unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. Through innovative teaching methods and a genuine love for his work, he has become a role model for both his students and their families. Justin often has to provide solutions that require him to think outside the box to help children explore the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment.


“EarlyON Centres are the heart and soul of the community. I see families that come to our centers because they need that human connection, they need a place where they can go and feel at home, a place without judgment. EarlyON Centres offer support for families from postpartum to all sorts of situations that come up in the early years of parenting.”  - Justin Langlois, Bilingual Registered Early Childhood Educator


Exploring Careers in Early Childhood Education

Inspired by Justin's journey, it's hard not to contemplate exploring a career in Early Childhood Education. The demand for skilled professionals in this field continues to grow, as we acknowledge the vital role they play in shaping future generations. Registered Early Childhood Educators have the power to leave a lasting impact on children's lives. By embarking on this journey, students and job seekers are empowered to contribute to society and make a positive difference in countless lives.


Reflecting on his journey, Justin was asked what advice he would give to students interested in pursuing a career in ECE, to which he responded, “Do what is true to you and allow yourself to make mistakes. Don't give up and keep moving forward.” Justin's words resonate as a valuable reminder to aspiring educators to stay true to themselves, embracing the learning process that accompanies making mistakes while maintaining persistence and resilience in the face of challenges.


Through Justin's inspiring journey, we are reminded of the importance of nurturing young minds and the incredible careers in Early Childhood Education. So, if you or someone you know has a genuine love for working with young children and a desire to make a difference, consider exploring the rewarding path of a Registered Early Childhood Educator. Unleash your career potential and embark on a journey that shapes the future of our society, one child at a time.


Explore Careers in Early Childhood Education with Edge Factor

The Education industry is looking for people who are passionate about inspiring students to reach new levels of excellence. In the month of February, grade 3 -12+ students are invited to create a free Edge Factor account to access all of these career stories and earn a digital badge for their chance to win a GoPro Hero 11! The  Learn & Earn program is a fun, interactive, and incentivized way to get students excited about their potential future in Early Childhood Education! Educators with a premium membership can assign these programs for students to complete. 


Registered Early Childhood Educator

We have two ECE badges available - one for students in grades 3-8 and one for high school students. For the month of February, students are invited to watch stories and complete interactive activities to earn a badge and get a chance to win a GoPro Hero 11! Learn and Earn today.


Special thanks to the 8 community partners that were part of this project: 

Municipality of Chatham Kent, County of Simcoe, The District Municipality of Muskoka, The County of Lambton, City of Cornwall, County of Lennox & Addington, City of Greater Sudbury, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, with help in project coordination Millennial Strategist.

This partnership allowed the Edge Factor film crew to tell Justin’s story and others from behind the lens and to film numerous episodes for our Edge Factor library including What’s in Your Toolbelt?, Explorers, Career Profiles, Skilled Responders, and Soft Skills on the Job.


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