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Unleashing Career Potential: Learn and Earn with Edge Factor

  Edge Factor Team   |     December 07, 2023 |   6 minute read
Learn and Earn with Edge Factor's Free Programming

Discover an exciting and interactive opportunity for students of all ages to advance their career skills! Edge Factor's monthly free programming is now available to inspire learners of all ages to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey as we incentivize career development and learning. Educators and parents can integrate it into classrooms and homeschool lessons, as they unlock a world of possibilities where learning meets earning!


Why are people so excited about Edge Factor’s Free Programming?


Imagine a world where students not only learn about diverse industries but also earn recognition for their efforts. That's precisely what Edge Factor's free programming offers. It's a treasure trove of engaging content, including cinematic films, virtual workplace tours, career profile videos, and more paired with gamified activities – all designed to captivate young minds and ignite a passion for various career paths.


The More You Learn the More You Earn


Parents play a crucial role in shaping their children’s future. Edge Factor's Learn & Earn free programming provides an incredible opportunity for children to explore different industries, understand various career options, and get inspired to set ambitious goals. The best part? It’s free!. Learners of all ages can learn and earn badges on the Edge Factor platform, opening doors to exciting possibilities while having fun along the way.


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, finding resources that are both impactful and cost-effective can be a challenge. Edge Factor's free monthly programming provides a solution. Educators can access the programming and have students create their free accounts or educators can share the program collectively to introduce students to the world of career development without adding financial strain. These resources are not only engaging but also serve as a catalyst for discussions about potential career paths.


Why Participate in Edge Factor’s Learn & Earn Free Programming?


  • Access & Share FREE Career Media & Activities: Every month, Edge Factor will offer free programming that showcases career media related to a specific industry or career. You can share it with students or adult learners (live or virtually) one-on-one, in classrooms and homes, at events, and on social media.


  • Inspire Learners to advance their Career Journey: Featuring cinematic media and interactive activities, the Learn & Earn free programming will inspire learners to explore industries, careers, and training programs.

  • Earn Badges and be entered to win prizes: Learners will earn badges that recognize and celebrate their accomplishments, PLUS be entered to win cool prizes! 


Choose your adventure, earn your badge, and be entered for your chance to win! 


Edge Factor's monthly free programming is a game-changer for learners and jobseekers alike. It's a chance to bring real-world experiences into the digital realm, inspiring students to learn and earn as they explore diverse career paths. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your program, earn your badge, and enter for a chance to win – the journey to discovering exciting opportunities begins now!


About Edge Factor 

As a leader in workforce and career development solutions, Edge Factor uses the power of storytelling to inspire people to explore, prepare, and connect on their Career Journey. Our platform offers schools, families, companies, and service providers access to a vast library of films, videos, activities, lesson plans, badges, and career tools. Through partnerships, global events, and film shoots, Edge Factor enriches our multimedia library with inspiring stories, career content, and gamified learning experiences. Answering national workforce challenges with community-based solutions, Edge Factor brings together organizations and families to support learners of all ages in achieving their career goals and launching rewarding pathways.


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