Why Care About Take Our Kids to Work Day

  Edge Factor Team   |     October 16, 2023 |   8 minute read
Take Our Kids to Work Day with Edge Factor

Take Our Kids to Work Day takes place on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Founded in 1994 by the Learning Partnership, it has become a national annual career exploration event with more than 250,000 students, 18,000 teachers and 75,000 organizations participating every year. 


This event provides students in Grade 9 an opportunity to experience a day in the life of their guardian’s or relatives’ careers. Take Our Kids to Work Day was strategically designed to encourage youth to begin to chart their own education and career path.


Engage Learners of All Ages

At Edge Factor, we work with hundreds of communities providing resources to build their workforce pipeline and tackle the skilled worker shortage. Our Edge Factor team knows everyone has a role to play in workforce development, so we innovate and create media and learning tools that engage every learner at every stage of their career journey, regardless of age. 


Not only do we believe that Take Our Kids to Work Day presents an opportunity to engage with learners before Grade 9 – it’s also an opportunity to expose students and job-seekers to careers beyond those of their relatives. The supplementary resources allow learners to explore additional opportunities and dig deeper to learn more about what their relatives do on the job. These resources  can also engage students who don’t have the opportunity to spend a day at their guardian’s’ or relatives’ workplace. 


While it’s tough to beat the experience of shadowing someone on the job in person, there are lots of reasons why this might not be feasible.


When in-person job shadowing is not an option, Edge Factor has a solution.


There are inevitably some situations where educators will have students in class that day. Some companies deal with highly confidential information, or run high risk operations that would deem their workplace inappropriate for high school students to visit for a day.  Some homeschool families may also have limited relatives who can take their students to work with them.  


Educators with younger learners in Grades 6-8 can take this day to  help students prepare and look forward to job shadowing a relative in Grade 9, while also inspiring them to explore careers across industries and beyond their relatives’ careers.

For schools and workplaces hosting their own Take Our Kids to Work Day, Edge Factor is providing resources to help plan the day.


Students can spend the day exploring careers and learning about the world of work with Edge Factor. Edge Factor resources inspire early career planning and equip students to make informed decisions about their future. Our virtual workplace tours raise awareness of careers in various industries, giving parents an opportunity to discuss career prospects with their children and discover the knowledge, experience and relevant skills necessary to succeed in today’s workplace.

When educators, parents and companies access Edge Factor’s Take Our Kids to Work Day resources, they will be able to take students on a virtual field trip to explore careers in industries such as:

  • Construction
  • Motive Power
  • Manufacturing
  • Service


Edge Factor goes behind closed doors at companies across North America to film Virtual Workplace Experiences. These walk and talk tours give learners an inside look at what it's like to work in different companies and industries as they are introduced to careers including:


  • Automotive Service Technician at Auto Niche 
  • Manufacturing Engineer at ABB
  • Indigenous Cuisine with Chef David Wolfman
  • Construction Project Manager at Brouwer Construction


Charting an Education and Career Path


Each Virtual Workplace Experience includes a company overview, possible careers, education and training pathways, and the skills and processes used on the job. The accompanying downloadable lesson plans provide students an opportunity to reflect on what they’ve learned and examine if the featured career or industry might be a good fit for their future career.


Here is some feedback we’ve received from students who use Edge Factor to explore careers: 


“I learned that there are many career pathways out there to take. The way people interact with money is changing, and industries are changing. There are so many jobs like investment and security, manufacturing, insurance, financial planning, electrical, planning and design, and healthcare.” - Student, Lawrence County 


“Thank you for all the hard work you put into these videos. It has helped me as a student. This is the best link I have found to help me in life.” - Student, Ramsey School District



Leveraging the Power of Storytelling to Inspire Career Exploration


At Edge Factor, it all begins with a great story! Utilizing the power of cinematic storytelling, these features showcase real-life people who have overcome obstacles, discovered a passion for a particular industry and learned new skills to push back the edge of what’s possible. 

As a bonus, the Take Our Kid to Work Day free programming provides learners an opportunity to learn and earn their way to achieving a badge and enter for a chance to win prizes! 


Why Care about Take Our Kids to Work Day


In many industries, especially in the skilled trades and manufacturing, we’re experiencing a shortage of skilled workers to fill the workforce pipeline. Everyone has a role to play in inspiring the next generation to explore careers in various industries. 


In-person job shadowing provides amazing hands-on opportunities for Grade 9 students. Educators, families and companies can provide learners of all ages the tools they need to chart their own education and career pathway, and Edge Factor is here to help.


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