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  Edge Factor Team   |     August 16, 2021 |   6 minute read
Edge Factor Rock MFG Day Experience Toolkits highlights the rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing.

One of our favorite times of the year is just around the corner: the official Manufacturing Day is booked for Friday, October 1, 2021! It’s a day when schools, companies and workforce development leaders, and families across North America come together to celebrate the incredible careers and technology in the world of advanced manufacturing. The goal is to inspire the next generation of manufacturers by providing live and virtual tours of manufacturing companies and showcasing the career opportunities in this fast paced industry. 


Since 2015, Edge Factor has empowered 5700+ Rock MFG Day event hosts with turnkey tools and high impact resources to engage live and virtual audiences. This year is no different! The team at Edge Factor is launching the 2021 Rock MFG DAY Kit to equip companies, associations, workforce development leaders, manufacturing training programs and schools with multimedia tools to complement and enhance their MFG DAY events!


Edge Factor has created thousands of cinematic stories, videos, lesson plans, interactive activities, planning guides, Virtual Reality experiences, toolkits, and more, that are used in classrooms, homes, and at events to help students and job-seekers discover careers and prepare to enter the workforce. The online Rock MFG DAY Kit tools will showcase engaging e-learning media and real life stories of manufacturers pushing back the edge of what’s possible. This collection of high impact media will inspire students and job-seekers to pursue manufacturing careers and learn what a “day in the life” looks like in specific manufacturing roles!


The 2021 Rock MFG DAY Kit will be available completely for free for everyone to watch, enjoy, and share the media from September 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. The toolkit will include:


  • an inspiring 15-20 minute Keynote Presentation by Jeremy Bout, Founder of Edge Factor and formerly a 5 Axis Programmer.


  • “5 Days of STEAM” media including award winning films, Career Profiles, walk and talk field trips/ tours of manufacturing companies called Virtual Workplace Experiences, and short videos that highlight how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math topics are used in manufacturing, and soft skills videos.


  • “How To” planning guides with step-by-step instructions on why and how to host an engaging event, and how to invite schools and companies to present on careers and training opportunities available in your community. 


  • Promotional tools to share the Rock MFG DAY Kit with your network and community.


Top 7 Reasons to Host a Manufacturing Day Events


“From classrooms and school assemblies to open door tours in manufacturing facilities, to stadiums of students to virtual community events… We’ve seen it all! Over the last 5 years, Edge Factor has partnered with thousands of organizations across the US and Canada to provide engaging tools for event hosts to engage their live and virtual audiences and showcase the extraordinary opportunities in manufacturing,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor. 


In Edge Factor’s experience, these are the top benefits that companies, community and workforce leaders, and schools have identified for hosting MFG DAY events:


  1. Inspire students to pursue careers in manufacturing
  2. Reach parents at home and change antiquated perceptions of the industry

  3. Engage with job-seekers and find potential new hires

  4. Build relationships with local schools and educators

  5. Help raise awareness of your company and what you do

  6. Showcase the career opportunities you offer

  7. Highlight the technology you use and how your company impacts the world


While these are all great things to do, we understand that hosting an event is not easy! Planning and promoting your upcoming event, hosting a high impact stage or Keynote presentation, taking students on a tour, and trying to plan the logistics... It can become a bit overwhelming, especially for manufacturers who are not typically involved with event planning.


The following industry and education leaders have partnered with Edge Factor to make the Rock MFG DAY Kit freely available: ABB, California Arts, Media & Entertainment, NTMA/ AMPED, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), Mastercam, myBlueprint, National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC), National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS), Precision Metalforming Association (PMA), SME Education Foundation, and Women in Manufacturing


These leaders are committed to helping manufacturing companies, schools, and workforce leaders with tangible, easy to use and share tools to host an awesome live or virtual MFG DAY event and recruit the next generation of innovators and manufacturers.


The Rock MFG DAY kit includes everything you need to plan, promote, host, and follow up on your virtual or live MFG DAY event. It’s plug and play - which means you can use parts or all of the toolkit on each of the days, or all of the days!  


What are you waiting for? Register today.

The Rock MFG Day Toolkit is available for FREE from September 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.




For Edge Factor Premium members only:

This kit will continue to be available for you all year as of August 23, 2021! Don’t forget, if you are an educator you can assign this content for your Classes and Students to watch the media and answer quizzes. This Experience paired with the Industry “Student Directed Activities” are a great way to gain metrics and see your student responses too.


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