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Empowering Georgia's SME PRIME Schools: A Collaborative Leap with Edge Factor

  Edge Factor Team   |     December 06, 2023 |   8 minute read
SME Education Foundation equips 12 SME PRIME School in Georgia with Edge Factor Memberships

SME Education Foundation empowers 12 SME PRIME Schools with tools to raise up the next generation of manufacturers and engineers.


In the state of Georgia, educators from 12 SME PRIME ((Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) schools are turning to Edge Factor to equip educators with career exploration and media tools to build up the next generation of manufacturers and skilled workers.  


The SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares, and supports the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent. Since 1979, the Foundation has worked to bring students, educators, industry, and communities together through its SME PRIME program. 


SME PRIME® partners private industry with academia to build custom manufacturing and engineering programs in high schools across the country, providing equipment, curriculum, professional development for educators, scholarships for students and funding for extra-curricular activities and program sustainability.  


As part of the SME PRIME curriculum resources, the Foundation will provide site licenses to each of the 12 new SME PRIME schools in Georgia, offering every student, educator, school counselor, and faculty member premium Edge Factor memberships! 


“Edge Factor’s engaging videos, help us put a ‘WOW’ in the SME PRIME educational experience for high school students.  The SME PRIME program of manufacturing education and career preparation provides a unique, community-informed, manufacturing and engineering learning opportunity for high school students.  In partnership with their school educators and regional industry participants, students engage in educational experiences that directly transfer to manufacturing employment in their own backyard.   The strongest learning outcomes are achieved with engaged students and Edge Factor videos enhance the SME PRIME learning experiences, positioning students to achieve those successes.”  - Shelley Wooley, Ed.D. Director, Education Programs


Edge Factor, a career and workforce development platform, inspires learners of all ages to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey. With thousands of videos, interactive activities, lesson plans, badges, and more, premium memberships to Edge Factor unlock a vast library of career media and gamified experiences. All of the content and features included in the Edge Factor platform follow the four phases of the Career Journey: Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation, and Connection. 


In Edge Factor's captivating Inspiration content, learners are ignited with the spark to embark on their career journey. They immerse themselves in award-winning films showcasing real-life success stories, motivational videos that fuel their aspirations, and even comedic music videos for a dose of inspiration and humor.


Transitioning to the Exploration content, students dive deep into industries, careers, and training programs through virtual field trips, gaining insights into 'a day in the life' of professionals, and equipping themselves with valuable insights into the world of work.


In the Preparation content, students gear up for the real-world job market by honing both transferable soft skills and essential technical hard skills. They discover how the dynamic fusion of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) powers various professions.


Finally, the Connection content serves as the bridge, linking students and job-seekers to local training and career opportunities. Accessing Touchpoints added by schools and companies in their community, they can learn about local opportunities, forging connections that will shape their future success.


The SME Education Foundation sponsored the following schools with a one-year Edge Factor Premium K-12 membership starting in September 2023, Monroe Area High School, Jones County High School, Liberty College and Career Academy, Calhoun High School,  South Forsyth High School, Northwest Georgia College & Career Academy,  Bryan County High School, THINC College and Career Academy, West Hall High School, Flowery Branch High School, Gainesville High School,  and Newton College & Career Academy.


"Our partnership with SME Education Foundation through the SME PRIME program is dedicated to enhancing the exceptional SME PRIME programs within each of the schools by offering engaging e-learning tools that spotlight real-world manufacturing careers, technology, STEAM, and soft skills,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor, “Simultaneously, every Edge Factor premium membership, as a brick and mortar license, equips an unlimited number of students and educators from each school with access to the platform library, spanning every industry. Every educator and student at these Georgia schools will be able to discover careers, tools, and soft skills across all industries and explore the incredible opportunities in manufacturing, engineering, and beyond.”


Students and educators from the 12 schools can log in anywhere, at any time, on any device, with unlimited K-12 access to Edge Factor’s online platform and support services. This makes Edge Factor a great tool for the SME PRIME School’s educators to use during in-person classroom environments and independent learning resources!


Edge Factor has aligned our multimedia tools with the 7 SME PRIME Pathways that include:  


  • Metrology & Quality, 
  • Additive Manufacturing, 
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), 
  • Machining & Fabrication, 
  • Industrial Maintenance, 
  • Mechatronics & Robotics,
  • Welding


Log in to begin exploring the advanced manufacturing career pathways with Edge Factor’s Industry overview video, inspirational cinematic films, Virtual Workplace Experience and Career Profile videos. 


About the SME Education Foundation


As the philanthropic arm of SME, the SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares, and supports the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent. Established in 1979, the Foundation works with public and private partners to expose youth to modern manufacturing technologies, train students on relevant manufacturing concepts and processes, and subsidize their pursuit of a post-secondary education in the manufacturing or engineering field.  All Foundation programming seeks to increase engagement with historically underrepresented populations to help diversify the manufacturing industry. 


Visit the SME Education Foundation at


About Edge Factor

As a leader in workforce and career development solutions, Edge Factor uses the power of storytelling to inspire people to explore, prepare, and connect on their Career Journey. Our platform offers schools, families, companies, and service providers access to a vast library of films, videos, activities, lesson plans, badges, and career tools. Through partnerships, global events, and film shoots, Edge Factor enriches our multimedia library with inspiring stories, career content, and gamified learning experiences. Answering national workforce challenges with community-based solutions, Edge Factor brings together organizations and families to support learners of all ages in achieving their career goals and launching rewarding pathways.

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