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Edge Factor Launches a Made in Ontario Series 

  Edge Factor Team   |     October 18, 2021 |   3 minute read
Edge Factor Made in Ontario series

Approximately 18 months ago, the world changed and class trips were not possible. Edge Factor’s production team went behind closed doors to film Virtual Workplace Experiences. These virtual tours showcase companies and careers, and help students learn more about the tools, equipment, skills and processes involved. The accompanying lesson plans provide educators with additional resources to help a student continue their career exploration within a specific industry sector.


Building off the success of this series, Edge Factor is now making freely available, the all new, Made In Ontario series, featuring some of the incredible companies, stories and careers that were featured in the Virtual Workplace Experiences.  We are proud to have partnered with Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters so you can discover and Support Ontario Made products, services, manufacturing and skilled trades careers as you navigate through the Edge Factor career journey. The Ontario Made website is powered by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), which brings together manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to celebrate all the great things made in Ontario. 


For those exploring careers in Ontario, Edge Factor has created a new  Ontario Has the Edge page where you can access the Made in Ontario series featuring Niagara Parks, Ontario Power Generation, Macrae Marines, Ice Culture and ZiBi Construction.  


Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation & Connection (IEPC) are the 4 stages in the Edge Factor career journey.  


On our platform students and job-seekers find award- winning,  inspirational films featuring real life stories of individuals who have launched rewarding careers. In the exploration stage, students and job-seekers take virtual workplace tours and explore industries, companies, careers and training programs. In the third phase the tools help students to prepare for real world careers with transferable soft skills and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art  & Math)  used on the job. The fourth stage aims to connect students and job-seekers with local training and career opportunities. 


You can view Made in Ontario videos on our website or follow us on YouTube where every week there will be a new video showcased. Remember to subscribe to Edge Factor’s YouTube channel so you can like and share these videos and more with your community. 


Visit Ontario had the Edge page today! 

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You will also discover the 30+ school districts who use Edge Factor in their schools and classrooms.  Get to know our partners and over 20 companies who have worked with us to showcase the training and career opportunities available in the Province of Ontario.  


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