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Edge Factor Equips Everyone in New York State with Career Exploration Media

  Edge Factor Team   |     April 05, 2022 |   4 minute read
New York has the Edge

From New York state's diverse landscapes, the Adirondacks and the Catskills, to the clusters of skyscrapers in New York City, New York State is known for its cultural diversity and breathtaking sights. The major industries in New York are not just leading in the state, some of these industries are setting world trends. The more famous industries include manufacturing in Silicon Alley and Tech Valley or Financial Services on Wall Street in Manhattan. However, other industries are also growing in New York, from Media, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, and beyond. 


Edge Factor uses the power of cinematic storytelling to take students and job-seekers on a journey from "I have no idea what I want to do with my life!" all the way to, “I have browsed the opportunities, made informed decisions, and launched a local training and career pathway.” We have criss-crossed New York and North America to produce thousands of videos and interactive activities that highlight every industry and we deliver these multimedia tools through the Edge Factor platform.


Partnering with industry and educational leaders over the last several years, including the Wayne County Industrial Development Agency, BOCES schools,  and The Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (ACTEA), Edge Factor has filmed and published career exploration media featuring New York based companies. Together with our partners, we are proud to share free access to this media (and much more!) on an all-new landing page called, New York has the Edge! This is a family-friendly space, where students, parents, and job-seekers become inspired to launch their own training and career pathways. It features real-life stories of people pushing back the edge of what’s possible and using their minds, hands, and technology to build the future and impact lives. With inspirational films, Career Profile videos, Virtual Workplace Experiences, and more, this landing page highlights careers, tools and equipment, soft skills, and STEAM topics that come alive in New York companies. To make connections and foster relationships between local schools, families, and companies, this page also includes Profiles with information and links to New York organizations and opportunities.


The new New York has the Edge landing page provides a multimedia experience for everyone in New York. The page features walk and talk tours at companies such as Macedon Public Library, Reliant Credit Union, VIP Fit Club, and Hansford Parts & Products.  Peruse the landing page and discover the inspirational film Optical Illumination which features the real-life story of two entrepreneurs combining innovation & technology to become the leaders in the Optics Industry.


Get to know the companies like Rootstock Cider Works, Baldwin Richardson Food, Rochester Regional Health, Monroe Community College, and Optimax Systems, who share a common mission and work with us to showcase the training and career opportunities available in the State of New York.  

Visit New York has the Edge page today!  ACCESS HERE


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