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  Edge Factor Team   |     March 10, 2021 |   3 minute read
Edge Factor Future Skills Experience was a success

March 10, 2020 –  Edge Factor’s Future Skills Experience is officially closed for free members! It will continue to be available all year for Edge Factor’s Premium members, but is no longer available for free. 


The Future Skills Experience offered a toolkit to promote Technical Education programs by demonstrating how hands-on experience attained in these programs prepare students and job-seekers for the future. Watching the high impact, story-driven media included in the “5 Days of STEAM” content and the Keynote presentation, virtual attendees were inspired to explore careers and what it means to be future ready. Additionally, to prepare to enter the workforce, they were able to learn how STEAM comes alive on-the-job, and Soft Skills like problem solving, time management, communication, teamwork and critical thinking. 


Celebrating the Success of the Future Skills Experience! 


The success of the Future Skills Experience is evident as the content was viewed by tens of thousands of students! There were 704 events hosted. 366 events were hosted across 40 US states and 377 events were hosted across 8 Canadian provinces! The organizations that hosted events spanned 140 school boards/ districts, 400+ individual schools, 87 Industry leaders, and 19 Workforce Development leaders. These tools were used in large group settings in classrooms and schools across North America.


Thanks to Edge Factor’s partners, including ABB, Mastercam, CA-AME, NTMA, SME Foundation, and NCATC, we empowered schools, workforce leaders, associations, and companies with high impact, multimedia tools to celebrate CTE Month and promote technical programs! This free, turnkey toolkit equipped organizations to host virtual presentations and helped students and job-seekers to discover industries, careers, and the power of technical education programs.


Don’t miss out on the current and upcoming five Experience toolkits available this year for organizations to share in classrooms, homes, and at events:


  1. Women in Skilled Trades (Mar - Apr 2021) - To celebrate International Women’s Day/ Month, this toolkit will feature stories of women in skilled trades! The goal of this Experience is to encourage female students to explore and pursue skilled trades career pathways.

  2. Indigenous Tradespeople (May - June 2021) - Edge Factor has created deep libraries of content and success stories featuring Indigenous Community Members in skilled trades! This Experience will coincide with June’s National Indigenous History Month and promote skilled trades to Indigenous families.

  3. Summer Camps (July-August 2021) - Summer Learning Programs and Summer Camps need turnkey tools to engage students! This Experience will bring STEAM to life and provide meaningful tools to engage students during summer months.

  4. Rock MFG DAY (Sept-October 2021) - October is Manufacturing Day/ Month and we are providing the 2021 Rock MFG DAY kit for everyone to highlight the extraordinary world of advanced manufacturing. 

  5. Apprenticeships (Nov-Dec 2021) - There are many training pathways that lead to successful careers - Apprenticeships offer incredible opportunities for students to gain real world skills and earn money while they learn! The Apprenticeships Experience will provide inspirational and informational tools for families to discover apprenticeship programs.


Click here to learn more and pre-register for each Experience today.


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