California Arts, Media, and Entertainment Partners with Edge Factor

  Larissa Hofman   |     February 22, 2021 |   2 minute read
Edge Factor partners with California Arts, Media and Entertainment

February 22, 2021 -  California Department of Education established the Arts, Media, and Entertainment (CA-AME) industry sector to support high school students interested in pursuing careers in California’s thriving creative workforce. This year, the CA-AME coalition is partnering with Edge Factor as a Diamond Partner, to equip schools and organizations across California with six Experience toolkits to inspire students and job-seekers to pursue career pathways. This strategic Career and Technical Education initiative will provide schools, companies, and workforce leaders with FREE access to high impact multimedia, a Keynote presentation, promotional tools, and practical guidebook on how to plan, promote, host and follow-up on engaging virtual events. These online Experiences empower students, parents, and job-seekers to explore Skilled Trades, Apprenticeships, Career and Technical Education programs, careers, STEAM, and soft skills. 

Edge Factor, a widely-used e-learning platform has created thousands of videos, interactive activities, and lesson plans that focus on career exploration. K-12 and Postsecondary schools, companies, and organizations partner with Edge Factor to help tackle workforce development regionally and nationally. Using the power of storytelling, Edge Factor media showcases industries and career profiles, teaches soft skills, shows how STEAM comes alive on-the-job, provides Virtual Workplace Experiences, and promotes training and career opportunities.

Featuring select tools from the Edge Factor library, six free Experiences will be available during specific 2021 months, for organizations to share in classrooms, homes, and at events. 

231,000 students are enrolled in Arts, Media, and Entertainment programs across California,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor. “In a time when schools are in hybrid and virtual learning environments, CTE educators are looking for high impact tools to engage students in-person and at home. Partnering together with the awesome team at CA-AME, we are providing free tools for California educators to meaningfully connect with students and move them forward in their learning and in their career exploration journey.”

The CA-AME Coalition has launched an initiatives campaign to provide year-round work based learning resources and opportunities to students and teachers. Edge Factor’s commitment to developing Arts, Media and Entertainment industry-focused video content and building a Free for California Students landing page demonstrates a shared goal of increasing access to this information for students throughout the state, in both rural and urban communities, as well as for students who are typically underrepresented in these industries. To view this developing project and access free tools, visit: Everyone can access and share all of the videos and Lesson Plans on this page!


For more information on CA-AME, please visit or email Ashley Adams at For more information on Edge Factor or to book a demo, please visit or email Larissa Hofman at

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