5 Reasons to Share the Women in Skilled Trades Experience

  Edge Factor Team   |     March 02, 2021 |   2 minute read
Celebrate women in skilled trades during international women's month.

March 1, 2021 –It’s International Women’s Month, why not celebrate this month by inspiring and encouraging women in your community to discover innovative and rewarding career pathways in the Skilled Trades? Edge Factor has partnered with communities across North America to host engaging live and virtual events. Aiming to equip educators, businesses, and workforce development leaders with tools to empower young women and encourage them to consider careers in the skilled trades.


At Edge Factor we are working hard to change the perception around Skilled Trades careers because hands on does not mean minds off.  In partnership with Mastercam, ABB, California’s Arts, Media, and Entertainment, SME Education Foundation, Canadian Manufacturers and Exports, National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Women in Manufacturing and myBlueprint. Edge Factor has created a FREE turnkey toolkit to help you do the same.

 Here are five reasons why you should share the Women in Skilled Trades Experience:


  1. To share success stories! Share the 5 Days of STEAM content over social media, during live presentations or virtual events.  The high impact media features real life stories of women achieving career success and demonstrates how STEAM comes alive in diverse industries.


  2. Promote local training programs that teach students real skills for the real world. Schools can host presentations that highlight their programs. The toolkit includes access to media that teaches soft skills, such as, communication, leadership, and resiliency.


  3. Raise awareness of local companies and career opportunities. Connect female jobseekers with local businesses and the opportunities they offer. Host presentations or webinars that showcase women from local companies, allowing them to share their journey to career success.


  4. Workforce and Community leaders can strengthen local relationships by inviting local schools and businesses to participate in a webinar for families in your region. Each stakeholder can present information on the training and career opportunities they offer. Reaching parents at home, and changing the perception around skilled trades careers and technical education programs.


  5. Share these videos with your friends and family! Inspire them to pursue careers in skilled trades. Help your daughters, nieces, wives, girlfriends, sisters, Aunties, and cousins to explore opportunities that perhaps, they’ve never been introduced to before.  Encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and learn about careers that are in high demand and pay well!

That’s just five reasons. Perhaps you can think of a few more of your own. So why not start sharing the Women in Skills Trades Experience today.

What are you waiting for? It’s free! Register today.

The Women in Skilled Trades Experience is available for FREE until April 26, 2021. 


For Edge Factor Premium members only:

This Experience will be available all year! And don’t forget that you can share or assign this content to your students in-class or for homework. This Experience paired with the Industry “Student Directed Activities” are a great way to spark a student career journey. 

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