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  Edge Factor Team   |     January 03, 2022 |   4 minute read
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The opportunities are endless and the benefits are clear: Tech-ed programs equip students with real skills for the real world. 


January 3, 2022 - In early 2022, students across North America will select which programs they want to enroll in for the following school year. During these months, Edge Factor and our partners are equipping educators, industry, and workforce leaders with high impact tools to celebrate technical education programs. Encouraging students, jobseekers, and families to explore hands-on learning programs to gain real skills for the real world. 


In tech-ed programs like Apprenticeships, Co-Ops, and Internships, students and jobseekers can work on tangible projects that develop skills like problem-solving, responsibility, communication, and critical thinking. These essential life skills help students and job-seekers gain real skills for the real world. Topics within Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) come alive with hands-on projects while students learn job-specific skills. Students involved in technical education programs have the opportunity to realize their potential and discover what they are (and aren’t!) interested in.


A Harvard study shows that students learned more when participating in classrooms that used active-learning strategies. The New School of Architecture and Design shared, “Hands-on learning (also known as experiential learning) is the biology lab that teaches a future scientist to be comfortable with dissection; the vehicle shop experience that helps a future mechanic understand the nuances of an engine with not just their eyes and ears but also with actual hands-on training. It gives students the opportunity to self-correct any educational missteps in the moment – with professional guidance at arm’s reach.” 


To support educators, community and business leaders in promoting technical education programs, Edge Factor in partnership with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, National Tooling and Machining Association and National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association have created the Future Skills Toolkit.


Edge Factor’s Future Skills Toolkit includes 5 days of career exploration media, including Virtual Workplace Experiences, and tools to showcase how Soft skills and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) come alive with hands-on projects. The toolkit also includes an inspirational keynote presentation by Edge Factor President and Founder, Jeremy Bout. Schools, companies and workforce leaders can access the “How To” guides to learn how to host engaging events that celebrate and promote technical education programs. 


5 Reasons to Register for the Future Skills Toolkit!


Here are the top 5 reasons why we recommend you access and share the Future Skills Toolkit: 


  1. To inspire students to pursue careers in skilled trades
  2. Recruit new students and job-seekers to enroll in technical education programs, apprenticeships, internship and co-op programs.
  3. Help families discover the opportunities available within the skilled trades. 
  4. Build relationships with companies, schools and the future workforce. 
  5. Help students understand how STEAM comes alive in real-world training programs and careers.

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The Future Skills Toolkit is available for FREE from January 3, 2022 to February 28, 2022. 




This toolkit is available for FREE thanks to our partners, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association, National Tooling and Machining Association


For Edge Factor Premium members only:

This Toolkit will continue to be available for you all year as of January 3, 2022! Don’t forget, if you are an educator you can assign this content for your Classes and Students to watch the media and answer quizzes. This Experience paired with the Industry “Student Directed Activities” are a great way to gain metrics and see your student responses too.


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