Empowering Career Development at Arizona's Summer Institute

  Edge Factor Team   |     July 12, 2023 |   9 minute read
Edge Factor Live at Yuma, Arizona Summer Institute

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, Vice President Larissa Hofman will present at the Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC)  and Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA)’s in-person Summer Institute for career exploration teachers in Yuma, AZ. 

Larissa’s high impact, interactive workshop for educators will equip them to maximize their premium Edge Factor memberships and powerfully engage students. This event will be attended by educators from all four major School Districts in Yuma County:  Yuma Elementary, Crane, Somerton, and Gadsden.   With over 40 middle school teachers enrolled and more high school teachers participating, these educators are all part of the Yuma ABEC Middle School Career Exploration Project.

Edge Factor’s presentation will showcase their library of story-driven, multimedia tools for educators and students. We’ll be specifically highlighting tech careers and skilled trades-related inspirational stories, media and activities that make complex technical concepts easy to understand and applicable to the real world, and engaging soft skills content!

“Most workforce development programs that are successful share a common thread: organizations and people working together,” said Larissa. “Collaborative organizations that leverage one another’s strengths and services, help guide community members into rewarding training and career pathways. It’s been a joy to partner with Deb from ABEC and Maya, Cindy, and Aaron from CFA. We share a passion for Arizona communities and people. We want to see community members learn new skills, embrace soft skills, and enter rewarding careers. As we work to grow the skilled workforce of today and tomorrow, we will see individuals and families taken care of, companies flourishing, and the economy and community as a whole will benefit. Yuma: here we come!!!”

ABEC has generously provided multiple School Districts in Yuma with premium Edge Factor memberships, to unlock the complete K-12 library and features.  ABEC is also a Content Partner with Edge Factor, as they created Virtual Workplace Experiences, Made In Arizona, and coming soon: Education Pathway videos. 

Part of Edge Factor’s Teacher Training Workshop will introduce educators to the Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum, presented by Edge Factor in partnership with the Center for the Future of Arizona.

With a special focus on preparing learners for the future, CFA offers a workforce program that helps learners of all ages prepare for future success.  Edge Factor and CFA partnered to with Edge Factor to align our multimedia tools to support the “Possible Futures Career Exploration Curriculum”.  This landing page highlights careers, tools and equipment, soft skills, and STEAM topics that come alive on the job. Educators can access this free page directly or download the career exploration SCORM files per industry sector to easily share using their district's learning management system. 

“Edge Factor is an exciting and engaging tool for the ABEC Career Education Development Project, which is being implemented around the State of Arizona. The relevant and motivating videos and curriculum engage students and provide them with a valuable resource to enrich their understanding of the vast career opportunities available as they develop their own career identities.” - Debra Raeder, Vice President of Programs, Arizona Business & Education Coalition

Edge Factor, a popular e-learning platform, inspires learners to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey. With thousands of videos, interactive activities, and educational lesson plans, Edge Factor provides resources and tools for career and workforce development. 

We have released top content and pages created and recommended for different types of Educators! Every Educator from K -12, with premium Edge Factor memberships can access the full K-12 library and features. For educators who don't yet have a premium membership, we offer free memberships with specially selected programming available.

“I am looking forward to this event, to reunite with old friends and partners and make some new ones!” said Larissa Hofman, “The Edge Factor team is excited and energized by Arizona’s commitment to providing workforce development tools for their educators and communities that are eager to help guide students forward into CTE and rewarding career pathways.”

Edge Factor’s smart platform provides story-driven tools that technical educators use to inspire their students to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey. Together with schools, companies, and service providers, Edge Factor empowers learners of all ages to discover careers and get connected to real-world opportunities. 

This event is an opportunity for educators, administrators, or advocates, to discover the Edge Factor tools available to them to expand their horizons, discover new strategies, and make connections that will enhance their professional journey and help them to inspire students and build the future workforce in Arizona.

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