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Watch the Making of Indy500 Cars: “Built for Speed” Film by Edge Factor

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by Larissa Hofman | January 23, 2016 | 0 minute read

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The fact that a driver could walk away from a crash at over 200 miles per hour is not an accident, but an act of excellent engineering.

For the team at Dallara IndyCar Factory, their quest for excellence makes the difference between devastating loss and ultimate victory for renowned Indy race car drivers. In Built for Speed, Edge Factor tells the story of how the team of designers, fabricators and manufacturers, engineers and race car drivers work together to design, build and test Indy race cars. With champion race car driver Matthew Brabham, Jeremy Bout uncovers the only professional, high-performance driving simulator on the market.

Watch and share the Built for Speed film today at www.edgefactor.com/theater


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