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SME Education Foundation empowers 17 SME PRIME Schools with Edge Factor memberships

  Edge Factor Team   |     June 03, 2022 |   6 minute read
SME Education Foundation sponsors 17 SME PRIME schools with Edge Factor memberships

SME Education Foundation empowers 17 SME PRIME Schools with tools to raise up the next generation of manufacturers and engineers.


May 5, 2022 (Dearborn, MI) - In the state of Michigan, educators from 17 SME PRIME Schools are turning to Edge Factor to inspire students and parents with career exploration media and tools. Whether they are in the classroom or at home, every student can log in to Edge Factor’s online platform to access thousands of videos and activities that will guide them to launch rewarding training and career pathways. 


SME Education Foundation inspires, prepares, and supports the next generation of manufacturing and engineering talent. Since 1979, the SME Education Foundation has worked to bring students, educators, industry, and communities together through its SME PRIME program. 


Supported and informed by private industry, SME PRIME builds manufacturing and engineering programs for high schools across the country, providing equipment, curriculum, professional development, scholarships, and STEM-focused extra-curricular activities to students and teachers.


SME Education Foundation has been awarded a grant as part of the approved School Aid Fund Budget in the state of Michigan. With this grant, SME Education Foundation has committed to providing every student, educator, school counselor, and faculty member from 17 SME PRIME high schools with access to the Edge Factor platform. 


Edge Factor, a popular e-learning platform, inspires people to explore, prepare, and connect on their career journey. With thousands of videos, interactive activities, and educational lesson plans, Edge Factor provides resources and tools for career development. All of the content and features included in the Edge Factor platform follow the four phases of the Career Journey: Inspiration, Exploration, Preparation, and Connection. 


In the Inspiration phase, students and job-seekers are inspired to begin their career journey through award-winning films featuring real-life stories of people who have launched rewarding careers. In the Exploration phase, students go on virtual field trips and explore industries, companies, careers, and training programs. In the Preparation phase, students prepare to enter real-world careers with transferable soft skills and technical hard skills, as they learn how STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art  & Math) are used on the job. Finally, the Connection phase connects students and job-seekers with local training and career opportunities, as they check out profiles on local schools and companies. 


Community Engagement with SME Prime Schools in Michigan


SME Education Foundation sponsored the following schools with a one-year EF Premium K-12 membership starting in August 2022, Proviso West High School, Edwardsburg High School, East Jackson Secondary School, Three Rivers High School, Airport High School, Ecorse Community High School, Troy High School, West Ottawa High School, Innovation Central High School, Rudyard Area High School, Hancock Central High School, William D. Ford Career Technical Center, Cheboygan High School, Bay City Western High School, Alpena High School, Genesee Career Institute and Southfield High School


“We are excited to continue to grow our partnership with SME PRIME and SME Education Foundation,” said Larissa Hofman, Vice President of Edge Factor, “Our partnership is all about complimenting the amazing SME PRIME programs in each of the schools with engaging e-learning tools that showcase manufacturing careers and technology!”


Students and educators from the 17 schools can log in anywhere, at any time, on any device, with unlimited access to Edge Factor’s online platform and support services. This makes Edge Factor a great tool for SME PRIME School’s educators to use during in-person classroom environments and as a remote learning resource!


Edge Factor has aligned our multimedia tools with SME’s 7 PRIME pathways that include,  Metrology & Quality, Additive Manufacturing, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) & Manufacturing, Welding, Machining & Fabrication, Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics & Robotics, and Robotics Technology. K-12 and Postsecondary schools, companies, organizations, and workforce development leaders partner with Edge Factor to help tackle workforce development. 


Click the link to begin exploring the advanced manufacturing career pathways with Edge Factor’s Industry overview video, inspirational cinematic films, Virtual Workplace Experience and Career Profile videos. 




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