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A Look at 2017: A New Year with New Opportunities

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by Larissa Hofman | January 23, 2017 | 1 minute read

Cleveland, OH. December 19, 2016 – With hundreds of videos, a new reality show and 4 new films coming to eduFACTOR in 2017, Edge Factor is excited about the many partnerships forming in so many communities. From day one, the Edge Factor team has been on a mission: Edge Factor is laser focused on giving teachers unique and powerful tools to inspire students and parents. Creating cinematic stories that make for great teaching moments, we are pushing the envelope with media designed to equip schools to market their programs effectively.

We have built a team that lives and breathes this mission, and when Toni Neary joined our team, it was because she shared that same passion. In her time with Edge Factor we accomplished much and together we deepened relationships within the manufacturing community. Starting in 2017, Toni Neary is stepping into a new position at The Morris Group as the Director of Education. She will be leading educational initiatives for the Haas Tower throughout the Morris Group region, working directly with educators, business leaders, state and federal initiatives to help enhance manufacturing programs to meet current and future workforce needs. This newly created role will involve understanding the various challenges in regions and states and meeting those needs with teacher training, grant and equipment needs.

“Toni has been a wonderful part of the Edge Factor team,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/Host of Edge Factor. “She brought so much to the table, but we couldn’t ask for a better role for her to take on. We will continue to work very closely together to move the needle forward by strengthening educational manufacturing programs and inspiring the next generation of makers. While she will be missed, we know that this is the right move.”

“As l continue to be a champion for manufacturing pathways, I will continue work closely with Edge Factor, Haas Automation and the Gene Haas Foundation to help educators obtain the equipment, training and funding necessary to properly educate the next generation of engineers, machinists, operators and technicians,” said Toni Neary. “With the power of the Haas brand in the market and the amazing opportunities provided by the Gene Haas Foundation, I am excited to pull all of our connections and partners together to really impact our regions. I look forward to a very close partnership with Edge Factor as I build and strengthen manufacturing programs in schools across the Morris Group territory.”

At Edge Factor we often say “we run with runners”. Our partnerships are collaborative, supportive, rewarding, adaptable and catalysts for growth,” said Larissa Hofman, Edge Factor’s Director of Communications. “The team at Edge Factor believes that with a runner like Toni Neary at Morris Group, we will continue to do extraordinary things together.”

To explore how your team can work with Edge Factor to impact your community, please email info@edgefactor.com.


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