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Introducing the Freemium Zone

Edge Factor Platform

by Jonathan Reitsma | January 14, 2015 | 0 minute read

eduFACTOR has launched a Freemium zone for educators and business leaders interested in purchasing an eduFACTOR membership! The Freemium zone provides sample content and gives a taste of the high impact content included on eduFACTOR.org. It’s the perfect sign-in to learn more and discover the impact of creative storytelling merging with new media. For educators who are looking to obtain approval on their membership purchase or business leaders who want to explore different media they can use at upcoming events, the Freemium zone is for you. It also includes a license to publicly show the media available in that zone, including “Blame Factor”, the “Metal & Flesh Sneak Peek” and “LaunchPoint Highlights” videos!

For educators who apply and are approved for Purdue University’s MSTEM3 grant on www.mstem3.org, an eduFACTOR membership is discounted to only $99! Check out the MSTEM 3 website today to learn more.


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