FMA and Edge Factor: Partnership Continues to Inspire Makers

  Larissa Hofman   |     January 23, 2016 |   1 minute read
With FMA’s second year supporting schools with eduFACTOR and their ongoing partnership for MFG Day and MFG Month

March 16, 2016 – Cleveland, OH – The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA), is partnering with Edge Factor, creators of eduFACTOR, to empower 12 college campuses nationwide with story-driven media and resources to inspire students, boost enrollment for technical education programs, make classroom learning relevant and captivate audiences.

Edge Factor produces films and TV series that tell stories of innovative teams who are pushing back the edge of what’s possible, as their ideas become reality through advanced manufacturing.

“Manufacturing is filled with compelling stories, and Edge Factor tells these kinds of stories in a manner that has you on the edge of your seat,” said Ed Youdell, FMA’s President and CEO.

Based on these stories, Edge Factor creates interactive resources to raise awareness and teach students about the amazing pathways in technical education and advanced manufacturing. For the next 12 months, FMA is providing educators from 12 schools in 6 different states, with memberships to access these resources, called eduFACTOR (

With 2,300+ members, FMA connects leaders and companies to help improve metal forming and fabricating industries involved in processes such as bending, cutting, drawing, fastening, finishing, stamping, welding and much more. “These industry leaders are facing a major challenge. As their workforce retires, the need to pass on the torch and bring in new, young employees to become tomorrow’s leaders is becoming more and more critical.

By empowering schools with eduFACTOR resources that spark interest for students to pursue these careers, FMA is helping to secure their members’ future,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer/ Host of Edge Factor.

“One of our goals at FMA is continually find new ways to develop our workforce. By equipping our educators with cutting edge resources that inspire students to pursue amazing careers, we are serving our industry and communities,” said Ann Schneider, FMA’s Education & Member Services Specialist.

With FMA’s second year supporting schools with eduFACTOR and their ongoing partnership for MFG Day and MFG Month, these efforts are impacting the manufacturing community in an ongoing basis. “A total of over 450 students, parents and manufacturing industry professionals attended the two MFG Day events at College of the Canyons. Edge Factor videos have a great vibe and message to attract youth to careers in manufacturing,” said Joe Klocko, Dean of the Economic Development Division from College of the Canyons. The partnership with Edge Factor and FMA is not a new one, but a growing and evolving relationship as both organizations focus on raising up the next generation of makers.


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