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Empowering Teachers to Inspire Students: Grant Funds Available Now

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by Larissa Hofman | January 23, 2016 | 1 minute read

NIMS, the Gene Haas Foundation and Edge Factor are partnering on the INSPIRE Grant Program to help empower teachers with resources that inspire students.

With a shared passion for STEM, CTE and inspiring the next generation of advanced manufacturers, these partners are providing grant funds for schools and training centers to access eduFACTOR: an online library of cinematic, story-driven media and interactive resources.

eduFACTOR is a membership-based library of media and interactive resources used to inspire the next generation of CTE graduates and advanced manufacturers. The online content library features Edge Factor’s cinematic films and TV series, technology and career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, tools to reach parents, CTE training success videos and much more, available on eduFACTOR.org.

Recognizing the need to recruit the next workforce, the Gene Haas Foundation is contributing generously to the Grant to provide up to 500 schools with funding for eduFACTOR memberships. “eduFACTOR is a critical resource to help educators and students understand and embrace the skills they need to be successful in advanced manufacturing jobs,” said GHF’s Kathy Looman. 

With the INSPIRE Grant, thousands of students will have the opportunity to watch teams of people working together and using technology to impact lives and build the world. “With eduFACTOR, imaginations are sparked and careers are launched. We are proud to stand beside exceptional, forward thinking leaders in manufacturing education like the Gene Haas Foundation and NIMS,” said Jeremy Bout, Producer and Host of Edge Factor.  

To learn more about the INSPIRE Grant or apply, visit www.grant.edufactor.org.


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