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Edge Factor’s new short film Under The Bus

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by Tanya Aitken | January 23, 2019 | 1 minute read


Sometimes you find the story and sometimes the story finds you…

While on-set for Edge Factor’s award-winning music documentary, Masters of Resonance, Jeremy Bout, the President of Edge Factor was filming with the Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips. That’s when Jeremy met the Newsboys’ lead guitarist Jody Davis and discovered that even though he was a rockstar, in his spare time, he was also a Luthier. If you, like me, are wondering what on earth a Luthier is, then keep reading.

You would think that the thrill of playing in front of huge crowds each night and traveling from city to city would be enough, but as Jody will attest to, even musicians need hobbies. Finding himself looking for something to keep his mind and hands occupied in the downtime between gigs, Jody decided to teach himself how to make guitars. Jody spent his free time researching this craft, watching YouTube videos about it,  and eventually, over time, found himself a Luthier (the fancy, official name for a maker of stringed instruments) crafting guitars from blocks of wood to a painted, polished, working instrument.

The luggage compartment under the Newsboys tour bus became Jody’s mobile guitar factory. Before each leg of their journey, Jody would take stock of his project, where he was in the process, and what he would need to have with him to complete the next phase of his creation. Then came the task of setting up his workspace in his downtime, working on his guitar, then packing it back into its travel space under the bus. This definitely sounds impractical and like a lot of work, but like many hobbies, the goal isn’t efficiency or speed. The joy is in the process. Jody’s goal wasn’t to become a one-man guitar factory but to create something with his hands, learn a new skill, and convey some of his musical creativity through another medium.

The end result is a collection of beautiful handmade guitars, each with a story to tell of places visited and experiences gathered.

The story of Jody and his guitars is an inspirational reminder that manufacturers are creating the world around us. So, what will you create?

Check the full film out for yourself here. You can buy the Masters of Resonance film on iTunes


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